33 Charming Ruby Engagement Rings For The Stylish Bride

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ruby engagement rings

When it is time for a proposal, a hunt for the perfect engagement ring begins. Ruby engagement rings may not readily come to mind for many, but it’s one of the best ways to express your love and desire to the chosen one. Red ruby engagement rings are durable which is exactly what we all desire in marriage, no?

This precious stone is also said to be closely linked to the sun which signifies positive energy, physical and emotional balance. Besides, it is well dated, but remains trendy and is the most popular stone for engagement rings after diamonds. So if the natural ruby engagement rings have picked your interest, learn everything you need to know, down to the styles and more in this post.



Brides often ask

Is ruby a good choice for an engagement ring?


Classical Ruby Rings

The real ruby engagement rings have a classical appeal. Proudly representing the month of July, the ruby stone is perfect for a passionate lover. It is also resilient, fiery, stunning with an affinity for modern designs. Talk about the halos, mixed gens, multiple-toned metals, and more. Classical beautiful ruby engagement rings are everything.



Ruby Rings With Dazzling Diamonds

Ruby and diamond engagement rings represent a timeless fusion of fire and ice. Sitting proudly in any metal of choice, ruby engagement rings with diamonds are glamorous and passionate. Choose white gold ruby engagement rings with an octagon-shaped ruby and flanking baguette diamonds for a glamorous look. For a traditional yet classy look, crossover ruby engagement rings yellow gold is a hit! If you are going for a modern ad vintage mix appeal, try a Burmese pear-shaped ruby sitting in two builds of halo.



Beautiful Art Deco Ruby Rings

Art deco engagement rings with ruby are bold and beautiful choices for the confident woman. They often come in large emerald and step-cut designs that are snugly surrounded by tightly packed gems which could be ruby or other gemstones. Pave ruby ring settings of Calibre cut stones are also popular with art deco designs, which almost obliterates the metal and doubles the sparkling effect.



Engagement Rings With Amazing Details

Engagement rings ruby detailed styles are for the subtle and glamorous bride. Opt for a more rustic look, opt for ruby engagement rings in yellow gold that overlaps as it creates a fabulous organic feel. To make a bold statement, go for classic flower design diamond ruby engagement rings. If you want a ring with striking details, choose a rose-cut diamond center stone with castle setting laid out rubies. The creative options are to die for.



Minimalism Engagement Rings Whith Ruby

Go minimalist with oval ruby engagement rings filled with gorgeous detailing, sparkle, and romance. For the picture-perfect ruby, nothing gets better than ruby diamond engagement rings with a diamond halo to get us swooning. The staggered cluster white gold ruby engagement rings are divine. Throw in some diamonds and the appeal soars. Not forgetting the ever-enduring and classic ruby solitaire engagement rings that everything quintessential and breathtaking.


Exquisite Ruby Rings With Colored Stones

Opt for a marquis cut double yellow gold ruby engagement ring mixed with sapphire, garnet, and morganite halo to create a regal look. For a stunning dramatic vintage look, pair ruby with rose gold metal, some emeralds, and pave opal band. Opt for a two pear-shaped diamond on either side of a cushion-cut ruby design for a classic look. Pink sapphires, bold rubies, and champagne diamonds combination on white gold is a kind of never-before-seen ethereal beauty.



Amazing Split Shank Ruby Rings

The split shank ruby & diamond engagement ring is a stunning beauty. Throwing tradition for a loop, the diamonds go asymmetrical while the ruby stays subtly on one side, understated yet assertive. You can also opt for a peppered ruby fixture on both sides of the open band either embedded or suspended. While they can be classically gorgeous on their own, you can pair them with braided, twisted, or curved bands.


Single Stone And Delicate Engagement Rings

The single stone is delicate and features some of the best ruby engagement rings ever. They are perfect choices for wearers that want something classic, timeless, and ever trendy. Single stone dark ruby engagement rings inherently define mystery, class, and simplicity. The center ruby is snuggled deep into the setting and becomes the focal point.



Cute Three-Stone Engagement Rings

Talk about the Meghan Markle effect! Her three-stone engagement ring has revived the trend of this design. Known as the trilogy or trinity ring, this design for modern brides often comes with diamonds. But there is a steady stray into the unconventional with brides opting for diamond and ruby engagement rings cut in shed, trillion, emerald, square, or hexagon. There’s also the bezel option, double band, Mejuri round-cut, prong and princess, clusters, and more in ruby or mixed with other gemstones.


Elegant Vintage Engagement Rings With Ruby

Vintage unique ruby engagement rings have elements of interest, timelessness, and consistent charm. Ruby engagement rings for women are prized for their durability, exceptional beauty, and color. The fiery stone is arguably one of the strongest after diamonds. Ruby engagement rings with vintage touch range from the classic solitaire with piercing on the bridge and detailed engraving to the complex milgrain that flatters every finger. We can’t leave out the floral halo which features larger rubies with a central diamond giving it a unique look. You can also go for sapphire accents, flanking the ruby on a platinum setting. The possibilities are endless.

Ruby engagement rings will wear well over time depending on the metal. You can either go for natural or lab-created ruby engagement rings as your budget allows. Whatever your style or budget, you can find it among rubies. Check out this catalog that we have put together for your inspiration.