27 Three Stone Engagement Rings You Will Want

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three stone engagement rings

A three-stone engagement ring has great symbolism and meaning because the three diamonds are displayed to represent your past, present and future together. Often, the center stone is bigger than the two side stones. Three stone engagement rings can have the same shape, or the center stone can be a different shape from the two side stones. Also the two side stones can be different color with center stone. Three-stone diamond ring is an expression of love forever.

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3-Stone engagement ring VS Solitaire engagement ring?

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3-Stone engagement ring VS Solitaire engagement ring?

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Brides often ask

What is a three stone ring?

A three stone ring has a centerpiece stone, with two stones set around it. The centerpiece and side stones can be anything; diamonds or other stones, such as ruby or sapphire. You could have either a diamond at the center, flanked by two colored stones that provide a striking contrast, or diamonds used as the side stones. Usually, the centerpiece in three stone engagement ring settings is larger than the side stones, making the center stone more noticeable.


What do a three stone ring signify?

The biggest or the center stone in a three stone ring signifies the present in a relationship, while the stones around the one in the middle stand for the past and future. This explains why a three stone engagement ring is also known as a “past, present, and future” ring. However, the three things can depend upon how you choose to perceive it or how your culture sees the same. It could also represent “friendship, fidelity, and love” in some translations.


Which diamond shape work best for three stone rings?

This is an extremely difficult question to answer in one word, as the shape of a diamond is often the customer preference. Yet, there are some diamond shapes, which make a three stone engagement ring more gorgeous than others do. As the most popular option is the “round brilliant” shape, it is no surprise several diamond ring settings feature them. Other popular options for a three stone ring are the oval, rectangular or square (like “princess cut”), and cushion cut diamonds.


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