18 Black Diamond Wedding Rings: Diamond Ideas & FAQs

black diamond wedding rings
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A trend that has been growing in popularity recently, is the love for black diamond wedding rings. While many are attracted by the allure of the bright colorless diamond, a select few choose to stand apart. Black diamond wedding rings are for the groom or bride to that refuses to conform and loves the unconventionality and subtle strength this choice of ring provides.

If you love all things monochrome, then unique black diamond wedding rings will appeal to you too, as black is the new neutral. Apart from the fact that it would match perfectly with any attire, it also appeals to the modern and minimalistic trends that are growing by the day. Read on if you would like to learn more about these silent, strong beauties.


Frequently Asked Question

What Does A Black Diamond Wedding Ring Mean?

A black diamond wedding ring is the symbol of unconditional, unchanging, and eternal love. It also stands for passion and energy, which makes it a perfect choice for a wedding ring.

Is A Black Diamond Good For Wedding Ring?

A black diamond is a good choice for a wedding ring as it symbolizes eternal and unchanging love just like its colorless counterparts. It also stands for energy, action, and passion.

Are Black Diamonds More Valuable Than White?

Black diamonds generally cost less than colorless and white diamonds, because they are less in demand. Although they are rarer than other diamonds, they are a niche gemstone that is not as often used in weddings and engagements as the more popular white or colorless diamond.

Solitare Black Diamond Wedding Rings

Solitaire men’s or women’s black diamond wedding rings are a timeless classic that will always be on-trend. The single solitaire diamond often laid in an intricate setting is a sight to behold. This type of diamond ring adds a unique twist to the classic and more widely known solitaire diamond ring. More than any other design of the black diamond, the solitaire exudes strength and passion like no other.

Each solitaire black diamond wedding ring can be customized or chosen according to the choice of band metal, the unique setting, and the cut of the diamond that makes it stand out from all the rest.

Black Rings In Simple Design

When you’re sure it’s time to propose, you want to choose the best wedding ring out there. And, if you are choosing from a collection of black diamond wedding rings for her, you’ll need to know her style.

The types of people who would love black diamond wedding rings often love minimalist and modern designs. These are often associated with the beauty that can be found in simple styles. If simple would do, then consider black diamond wedding rings for women that are truly special. Halo rings with a princess cut diamond are a classic that can be custom-made to show off a unique yet simple style.

This classic design would have a single center stone, often surrounded by smaller accent stones or gems. Simple but uniquely beautiful. The type of black diamond wedding ring she is sure to fall in love with.


Unique Engagement Rings

Wedding rings with black diamonds are unique all on their own, but they can be even more unique. Black and white diamond wedding rings that combine the uniqueness of both gorgeous diamonds, most definitely stand out from the rest.

This classic combination is both stylish and fashionable. One of the best color combinations in the world of jewelry. The contrast of the colors and the fact that they create a statement wedding ring make this a ring that is worth getting. So, if you would like to surprise your significant other with something truly unique, consider the stunning black and white diamond wedding ring.



Stylish Black Opal Engagement Ring

If you are in love with the neutrality of a black engagement ring and you would love something unique, then you should also browse a few black opal engagement rings. The sparkle and allure of the black opal are completely different from that of a diamond, it makes a perfectly exquisite choice for an engagement ring.

This unique stone sparkles with an iridescence that makes it hard to ignore. So, if you are looking for a stone with more glam that you can make a statement with, the black opal might be the perfect choice for you. The black opal is rarer than traditional rainbow-colored opals, and this makes it even more appealing to the select few that continue to veer from the convention.

Although black opals are more expensive than white opals and opals of other colors, they are worth purchasing. Asides from the price, other factors to check when getting a black opal engagement ring are the shine and the smoothness. Opals are perfectly smooth stones like pearls and not faceted at all. Their shine is also captivating with a sparkle more brilliant than black diamonds even.


Classic Wedding Rings

Sometimes nothing is as good as the classics when choosing black diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. There are numerous types of wedding rings for women in black diamonds, but it is important to find the one that fits the wearer’s style. Even when choosing from classic styles, you can decide on the specific design that would be a perfect fit.

Classic black diamond rings come in a range of cuts such as the halo style, pave set, emerald cut black diamond rings, claw set, solitaire black diamond rings, three stone setting, and vintage, and modern black diamond ring styles. You can also combine a classic style with the modern twist of a black and white diamond ring to get a stylish wedding or engagement ring that is just as unique as you are. Stand out with a mysterious and eye-catching choice of a black diamond wedding ring.

Modern Styles Of Black Rings

Wedding rings and black diamonds are always a unique choice and attract a lot of attention, so they end up being statement pieces. However, whether you are getting pink and black diamond wedding rings, black diamond rose gold wedding rings, or even vintage black diamond wedding rings with intricate details, one thing that sets each apart is the setting of the black diamond. Some modern styles of black diamond wedding ring to look out for include:

  • Solitaire setting: With this style, your singular black diamond is made the focal point of this wedding ring. The allure of the black diamond all by itself is what will make this ring truly special. Combine it with platinum or white gold to contrast it and show off your personality in a spectacular manner. Your choice of the metal band also lends its uniqueness to this black diamond solitaire wedding ring.
  • Halo setting: Always on-trend, a halo setting is a magnificent choice for black and diamond wedding rings. Apart from the diamond itself, you get a setting that surrounds your center diamond with a halo of smaller accent colorless diamonds or even gemstones. This center stone can be set in a halo of contrasting colors or colors that will complement the neutrality of the black diamond.
  • Side stone setting: Another gorgeous option for black diamond wedding rings and hers for the modern couple is the side stone setting. Make an even bigger statement with your black diamond by flanking it with two other diamonds or gemstones on either side. This design is great for the person who wants a bit more elegance or something more lavish than the simpler solitaire black diamond wedding ring.

As black diamond wedding rings get even more popular than before, this rare diamond is slowly becoming the trend with the modern groom or bride-to-be. Finding the right wedding ring for your personality type has never been more adventurous than it can be with the unique and glamorous black diamond.