22 Promise Rings: Amazing Ideas For Your Love

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Many couples and friends want to symbolize their feelings but have no way around them. Promise rings are the perfect answer as they’re suitable depending on the context they’re given. A promise ring symbolizes devotion, fidelity, and commitment toward the person being gifted. And when it’s received, it means an affirmation from the recipient, which works for almost any relationship.


Although offering promise rings isn’t a wedding proposal, it should be taken seriously. Like you would engagement rings, fit them into unique ring boxes and make the moment memorable. Put thoughts and consideration into buying them and arm yourself with information. So before you go shopping, here’s some information about budget, designs, and more.

How much should a promise ring cost?

A promise ring would normally cost between $100 to $2000. They’re cheaper than engagement rings but just as stunning. Also, most people who give promise rings are often from the younger generation. They may not have fat accounts to splurge from, which may be a factor in the pricing. However, if you have the means, then you can go high up and opt for something that suits your taste.

Which finger do you wear a promise ring?

The left ring finger is the right place for a promise ring if you’re unmarried. If you’re married, then the right ring finger is the right spot. But this rule isn’t cast in stone. You can wear it on any finger of your choice or even on a necklace. It all depends on how much you value the ring and what you’re comfortable with.

Simple Promise Rings

Simple promise rings are timeless, versatile, and beautiful. They’re often made with precious metals like gold and sterling silver. The bands and stones are also smaller and not as extravagant as an engagement ring. There are so many designs to choose from like a tiny diamond center stone or micro pave. You can also go without diamonds and work with an assortment of stones. If you have more exotic or cultural tastes, opt for antique, vintage, or a ring tilting towards the Celtic background. You can also choose styles like hammered, engraved, plain leather, birthstones, engraved, or coordinated rings.


Promise Tiara Rings For Her

Tiara’s promise rings are exquisite and have deeper significance. They hold a crown that symbolizes power and unending loyalty. This could mean their being belongs to their partners for the longest time. A ring this often than not, precedes a marriage proposal. So be sure of your intentions before offering this ring style.

If you’re going ahead with it, choose sterling silver, platinum, white, or yellow gold metal. Work with tiny diamonds, moissanite, or zirconium embedded in the tiara. Be sure to get the size of your partner’s finger so that it fits. It’s quite difficult to adjust tiara promise rings.


Lovely Rings With Gemstones

Promise rings with gemstones are thoughtful and sentimental. Everyone could get a diamond, but taking out time to pick meaningful gemstones is cute. Gemstones come in variants of colors and they create a striking contrast on the fingers. Opals, onyx, sapphire, morganite, amethysts, rubies, etc., are a perfect addition to promise rings.

You can buy her birthstone or choose a gem that symbolizes the message you want to pass across. You’ll also save more cost and get bigger carats than om diamonds.


Unique Promise Ring Ideas

With promise rings becoming a trendy culture, men have also become recipients of this gift. Jewelers are consistently rolling out unique promise rings to suit every take. The chic woman for instance will love a fiery-colored sapphire paved in white or yellow gold. A minimalist or antique lover will tilt towards a domed baguette diamond in yellow or rose gold. Twisted, beaded, bezel, or chevron styles are some other unique designs.

For men, go for a stylish yet contemporary ceramic black band with a study modern fiber inlay. Finish the look with a brilliant ruby or solitaire diamond.


Promise Rings For Couples

A couple of promise rings symbolize romantic commitment. In many cases, it takes the relationship to a new level, possibly the step before engagement. The couple’s promise rings aren’t elaborate so they don’t upstage the engagement ring. These rings aren’t exclusive to unmarried couples by the way. Spouses who have married for many years can gift themselves promise rings as a reminder of their vows. Couples promise rings are best if they’re custom, engraved, matching, and complementary to their wedding bands. This way, their styles shine through, and the rings don’t look awkward on their bands.

Heart-Shaped Charming Rings

Heart-shaped rings are evident symbols of romance and love. The presence of stones gives it a more dazzling flash and fire. This style of ring is best shared between couples who desire forever together. Personalize this ring by incorporating stones that mean something to both of you. You can experiment with two-tone metals like white and yellow gold. You may also create two hearts bound together as the focal point. It sends your message.

Promise rings come in different styles, shapes, and sizes. They’re symbolic to everyone in committed relationships of Fidelity and loyalty. So if you want to assure that special person that you’re there for the long haul, get a promise ring. This post will inspire you with styles and guide you on how to get them.