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Opal Engagement Rings For The Modern Brides


Opal engagement rings are not only for girls who was born in October. These rings are a good way to add the unique touch to a bride’s look. You might not think “engagement ring” when you think of an opal, but more and more brides choose beautiful rings with this stunning gemstone. Special for romantic girls famous jewelry brands made fantastic rings with opals. Different shapes, forms, and designs – you should just choose the most beautiful engagement ring for you!


Read the post and choose the perfect one!

Photo 1-3: Engagement Rings With Black Opal

Source: queenrosejewelry via InstagramThe Opalcutter via Instagramjasminejewelry via Instagram


Photo 4-6: Floral Opal Engagement Rings

Source: Aleamarico via Instagramdearrosewithlove via Instagramjbrownjewelers via Instagram


Photo 7-9: Oval Cut Engagement Rings

Source: dearrosewithlove via Instagramhuntvalleyjewelers via InstagramStudandstuff via Instagram


Photo 10-12: Rose Gold Opal Rings

Source: Gildedlane via Instagrambeladorajewelry via InstagramAleamarico via Instagram


Photo 13-15: Engagement Rings With Round Cut Opal

Source: ascheron_jewels via Instagramthekitclubsstore via Instagramjamesandirisajewellery via Instagram

Photo 16-18: Simple Engagement Rings

Source: moon_haus via Instagramascheron_jewels via Instagramjasminejewelry via Instagram


Photo 19-21: Unique And Modern Engagement Rings With Opal

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Photo 22-24: Vintage Opal Engagement Rings

Source: dearrosewithlove via Instagramdearrosewithlove via Instagramdearrosewithlove via Instagram


Photo 25-27: White Gold Engagement Rings With Opal

Source: jasminejewelry via InstagramTheopalcutter via Instagramjasminejewelry via Instagram

Photo 28-30: Engagement Rings With Unique Details

Source: aardvarkjewellery via Instagramhhjewelrydesign via Instagramjasminejewelry via Instagram


Photo 31-33: Wonderful Rings With Opal And Diamonds

Source: Aleamarico via instagramJekajewelry via InstagramMomentjewellery_designer via Instagram