33 Opal Engagement Rings: Rings For The Elegant Bride

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An opal engagement ring is a perfect beauty for the traditional and nontraditional bride. It has become a popular choice among brides because of its natural kaleidoscopic activity and versatility. Crystal black, white, and other colorful opals allow you to partner them with other gemstones, leaving everyone mesmerized.

Opals are dainty, temperamental, and alluring but they aren’t as durable as diamonds. Hence, they need proper care and maintenance. However, you will be getting an alternative to diamonds, getting value, and saving costs in the process. To start you on your engagement opal ring selection journey, check out the collection in this post.

Brides often ask

Are opals good for engagement rings?

Absolutely! An opal engagement ring set is perfect for an engagement and even a wedding ring. Although they are more fragile than diamonds and many other gemstones, opals are gorgeous, personal, unique, and popular. There is hardly any other gemstone that boasts of the shimmering rainbow abilities that opal gems present. When you find a genuine opal, it is very rare with no substitute. So yes, you will be saving money while buying class!

Engagement Rings With Black Opal

The black opal engagement ring is unique and it symbolizes a good future, unity, and harmony. It is for the confident woman who loves to preserve an air of mystery around her. The black opal is a rare gem that has dark, deep colors. You can liken it to a rainbow with a grayish-black background that helps its vibrant colors stand out.


Floral Opal Rings

The Opal stone engagement ring with a floral motif is breathtakingly gorgeous and unique as they define a classy and timeless elegance. Options include the vintage-inspired and modern opal engagement ring in a rose gold scalloped floral band. If you are not big on gold, platinum, and silver are other alternatives. These floral motifs can be twisted around the stone, created as a setting, halo paves, or made as to the band itself.


Oval Cut Engagement Rings

Whether your choice is a timeless, understated minimal, or vintage-inspired engagement ring, opt for an oval-cut opal piece. They have an elongated shape that creates a larger-than-actual size illusion which gives a flattering effect. They have become a more popular choice for brides due to this reason; the ability to save more bucks without sacrificing quality.


Rose Gold Opal Rings

Rose gold and opal engagement ring is a timeless combination that complements each other. The endless flashes of greens, reds, yellows, pinks, and oranges merge with the soft feminine sophistication of the durable rose gold metal. The rose gold metal also complements all skin tones no matter how pale or sun-kissed. The opal and gold engagement ring is non-traditional, the ultimate emblem of elegance and romance.


Rings With Round Cut Opal

The best cut of a perfect opal should be symmetrical. If the preferred style is the cabochon, then there are well-rounded dome features. These well-rounded opal engagement rings have surfaces that give the best play of colors, making the stone vivid from any viewing angle. Handle them with care especially when setting them into jewelry because they are quite fragile and vulnerable o breakage.

Simple Engagement Rings

If you lean more towards understated beauty, opt for a simple opal engagement ring. Your choice is numerous from the almost invisible gold band with the teardrops opal to the thin wave of paved opal stones stacked on white gold. The opal solitaire engagement ring is another versatile option that can accommodate a big or small classic round opal, or switch it with an oval cut opal.


Unique And Modern Engagement Rings With Opal

Designers have expressed creativity with the opal stone engagement ring. Modern versions of these fiery, one-of-a-kind gemstones include styles like the teardrop bezel-set solitaire with a multi-stone setting with diamonds about the center. Other options are an opal stone engagement ring nestled beneath a gold setting with a diamond set sitting above it, or an asymmetrical stone cluster setting.

Opal Rings In Vintage Style

The vintage opal engagement ring has enjoyed a well-documented spot in jewelry and gemstone history. Coming from “Sanskrit Upala,” meaning precious stone, the opal engagement ring vintage has gone on to become one of the trendiest styles out there with brides opting for colorful, black, white, or boulder opal engagement ring. Think about the high ornate diamond studded yellow gold with a mosaic-like band or the regal halo Etsy opal engagement ring.


White Gold Engagement Rings

A white gold opal engagement ring is a beautiful piece perfect for the fashion-forward bride, and why not? The white gold metal is simply budget-friendly, gorgeous, and timeless for any gemstone, especially opal. The transparent, translucent fire opals have a shimmering and iridescent effect on the white gold metal, making it a classic hit.

Wonderful Rings With Opal And Diamonds

A diamond and opal engagement ring is a perfect combination that shines off each other. This is because opal is at its best when surrounded by other gemstones, especially diamonds. The opal diamond engagement ring pulls colors from the diamond while remaining subdued. However, make sure they are ethically sourced, don’t wear them during hard activities, or soak them in water, chemicals, and heat.


Pear Cut Rings With Opal

Opal and pear-shaped engagement ring is a romantic and unusual choice for brides with a unique fashion flair. The shape and gem offer a distinguished elegant look. Whether you call it teardrop, tear-shaped cut, or pear-shaped. Opals are round at one end and tapered at the other, throwing off multiple facets of sparkle and brilliance.

Get yourself an opal engagement ring if you’re leaning towards a rare and impactful symbol of your love. Whether floral, vintage, colorful, or a simple engagement opal ring, there is something for you. Be inspired by the rings we have lined up. And if you want to pair it with gold, diamonds, other metals, and gems; we have got you covered.