Tiffany Engagement Rings: 20 Fantastic Ring Ideas

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tiffany engagement rings

The engagement ring trend we associate with today was introduced by Tiffany & Co. in 1886. Tiffany engagement rings are well built to signify true love and commitment. You can imagine the joy and conviction that wearing Tiffany’s gives.


This leading jewelry brand caters to all kinds of women, finger shapes, and sizes. Its rings are exquisite, whether for the simple, modern, exotic, or minimalistic woman. So if you’re shopping rings, get in here.

We’ve put together a catalog of stylish Tiffany wedding bands, engagement rings, and more. There’s something for every woman, including you, at reasonable budget ranges.

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Tiffany Simple Engagement Ring Ideas


Simple engagement rings are so modern and feminine with a touch of class. It’s perfect for the minimalist yet confident woman.

Tiffany and co-engagement rings offer an array of simple pieces, on top of which are the round and cushion-cut solitaire. They are the most popular Tiffany engagement ring styles. Set on solitaire with white gold material, they’re just iconic.

They have six prongs that hold in the gem, yet disappear to declare the brilliance of the diamond. The white gold also forms a sturdy, simple, and breathtaking escort to give off an exquisite display. It’s the perfect fit for tapered, full, or slender fingers.

For a change of metal taste, try platinum, yellow gold, or rose gold in your chosen carat. You can also veer off solitaire for diamond-paved platinum, paved gold style, or whatever else catches your fancy. Prices range from $1500 to over $45000.


Tiffany Wedding Bands


Tiffany’s wedding bands are simply balanced and graceful. Whether exotic or simple, they’re flawlessly engineered, attractive, and comfortable. They’re perfect for the graceful and stylish woman.

For a simple and modern woman, opt for the Schlumberger sixteen-stone gold ring with sapphire or diamond. If you’re more daring, try out the pink and blue sapphire on gold or platinum metal. For anniversaries, buy the eternity antique tiffany engagement rings in sapphire and diamonds. An alternative is the Etoile band ring with pave diamonds in platinum. These gemstones are well streamlined, set in, and encased within the metals which form a barricade. The brilliance from the stone hits the metal resulting in the ethereal beauty

There’s also the Tiffany Embrace collection bedazzled with rubies and diamonds. They are set in white gold and platinum perfect for wide fingers. These rings are modern, yet give off a timeless vibe. Their prices range from $650 to $20000.


Tiffany Oval Engagement Rings


Tiffany’s oval engagement ring is for the woman who loves the classic with a bit of uniqueness. They are refreshing and feminine, yet timeless and trendy.

If you’re looking for something simple, opt for the oval cut solitaire engagement ring in white gold. Very dainty and expertly crafted, its appeal lies in the striking simplicity. If you want your finger to bling like the sun, buy the Tiffany Soleste engagement ring. It has a yellow oval diamond set on a white gold band. This scatters light rays and exudes such brilliance that your finger becomes a viewing point. All the attention you want, you get.

For a little bit of drama, pair an oval-cut stone with a diamond-paved band. The stone is held in place by six prongs, giving it ample space to emit its brilliance. The best part is that oval-shaped stones look larger than round stones, offering more bling for your money. It costs between $15500 to $60000.


Tiffany Heart-Shaped Engagement Rings


Dating back to the 1400s, heart-shaped gorgeous engagement rings have gone from being synonymous with royalty to romance. It comprises cleft, lobe, belly, wing, and point; a rare but stunning engagement ring style. This ethereal silhouette is perfect for the whimsical, yet elegant woman.

Depending on your taste, tiffany’s heart-shaped engagement ring styles include solitaire, vintage, or a diamond halo. For instance, the Tiffany Soleste heart-shaped halo engagement ring is a stunner. Paired with a platinum band, it has a bead set halo that surrounds the core heart giving a pulsating glow.

For a simpler look, try out the classic heart-shaped engagement ring in white gold, an ornate symbol of romance and devotion. Secure the V-tip with a prong, hence, a five-prong setting is well advised for this style without a halo. The price ranges from $10000 to $76000.


Classic Tiffany Engagement Rings


Classic Tiffany engagement rings are timeless, simple, and sophisticated. They just never go out of style, trumping the trendy sparklers any day. They are direct, no-frills, or fluff, bringing to fore the elegance of your gemstone.

Check out the Tiffany princess cut engagement ring created from over 50 chevron-shaped facets. Placed on a platinum or white gold band, together they create a timeless design. Throw in a bit of drama, opt for the Novo princess cut with diamond-paved white gold or platinum band. This gives a contemporary edge to the triangular facets of this beauty.

If you want something bolder, the emerald cut or three-stone diamond from Tiffany is your choice. It’s romantic, with soul, yet modern, blessed with brilliance, and placed with concentric rows within four prongs. Maximize the beauty of these rings paving the metal band with diamonds to complete its intricate beauty. The rings cost between $10,000 to $106000.

Tiffany engagement rings are modern, classic, and elegantly fit for every woman. We’ve put together some stylish rings from Tiffany’s collection to dazzle you. So if you’re looking to shop for engagement, wedding, or anniversary rings; check out this post. There’s a perfect ring to suit your style and budget.