30+ Oval Engagement Rings For Brides

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Introduced in the 1950s by Lazare Kaplan, a diamond cutter, oval engagement rings have become a classic. These rings are made up of oval-cut diamonds or gemstones to give that elegant, feminine look. It gets better as they’re perfect for the vintage, timeless, or minimalistic woman with a lot of souls.


Oval-cut diamonds or gemstone engagement rings have an elongated shape, making them look bigger than their true carat size. They also have flattering effects on diverse settings, from simple oval engagement ring styles to elaborate stacks. This makes them a popular choice among buyers, and a great choice for you. However, before you set out to buy, here’s an assortment of oval ring types to look through. You also get bonus information on all you need to know about getting a good buy.

Brides Often Ask

Are oval engagement rings popular?

For many years now, ova-cut engagement rings have been the most popular among even celebrities. The reasons are well justified as you get more bling for your money. An oval cut ring had the same brilliance as a round cut, but its assertion differs. It’s elongated and takes up more space on the finger than a round-cut ring would.

Secondly, the oval-cut diamonds and gems sit well in a variety of settings, while other cuts are selective. It also possesses a trait that other gems don’t have–the bow tie formation. It’s evident within the stone and results from the inability of light to bounce to and from the center. The oval cut gem traps the light, giving it a unique feature.

How much is a 2-carat oval diamond engagement ring?

You’ll normally pay between $5000 to $60,000 and more for a 2-carat oval cut diamond engagement ring. This price is highly dependent on its clarity, color, and cut quality. So to get a perfect deal, focus on the quality and not the carat.


Three Stone Oval-Cut Rings

The three-stone oval rings are also known as the trinity or trilogy rings. They are fashion-forward, classic, and modern with contemporary looks. They have a traditional connotation of fidelity, love, and friendship.

If you’re going for a classic look, mix up the diamond colors and stay away from all-white diamonds. For a more budget-conscious buy, incorporate baguettes as side stones with an oval cut in the middle.


Engagement Rings With Vintage Details

The vintage oval engagement ring is rich in tradition and designed to last a lifetime. They’re antique-inspired and designed with ornate detail from the Edwardian, Victorian, and art deco eras. These rings are best set on yellow gold, sterling silver, and platinum bands. However, if you want to incorporate a modern touch, mount your diamond on white gold.

For vintage or antique engagement rings, simplicity is the watchword. Its uniqueness already commands attention.


Halo Oval Engagement Rings

The oval rings are traditional, so what the halo does is add more personalization and shine to the ring. Together, it oozes pure glamour, elegance, and luxury. This is how an intending bride feels with the halo oval-cut engagement ring on her finger.

The oval rings with halo diamonds accentuate the finger in a natural form, drawing the right attention. Sit this design on a white gold or platinum setting for a beautiful conversation starter.


Colored Oval Cut Engagement Rings

Colored oval engagement rings are for the smart, creative, and individualistic woman. The intricate details and facets on the colored gemstones assure you of tons of sparkle. Also, an oval cut will show off colored gemstones to perfection.

When picking out colors, your preferred gems should be diamonds, ruby, morganite, emeralds, and sapphire. You may also go for a colored gem of your choice, but your setting should be perfectly matched.

Rose Gold Oval Cut Rings

Rose gold oval engagement ring is a dainty design that combines simplicity and uniqueness. It’s a choice ring because its blush hue is both romantic and symbolic. Rose gold comes in two colors, which are the pinkish hue and subtle champagne. So, you must choose one that matches your skin tone.

Pair your rose gold with simple solitaire, split shank settings, pave, halo, or vintage milgrain for the best look.


Simple Oval Cut Rings

Elegance lies in simplicity, which is why simple oval engagement rings are timeless. Most people associate simple engagement rings with solitaire, but with the oval cut stone, it goes up a notch. Look out for beautiful designs like micro pave, twisted pave, halo, multiple stones, and more.

With this style, you can also play with metals like platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and Sterling silver. Simple engagement rings are timeless and will never go out of style.

Oval Rings In Wedding Sets

An oval engagement ring is a stunner, hence, the bands should be subdued for minimalist women. But, daring women can go all out with the bling. Blend the statement-making unique oval rings with a pave diamond wedding band for a touch of glamor. For a more classic look, stack it with a chevron wedding band that has a “V” shaped crevice to sit the stone. Remember, for your band’s rings not to look awkward, opt for a thin wedding band.

Oval engagement rings are a trend because they are fashion-forward, modern, and classic. They’re also worth their value in looks, style, quality, and durability. Oval-cut engagement rings are very versatile and blends perfectly with almost every metal and setting. So, if you’re shopping for a ring, consider an oval cut. Also, check out our compiled list and guide on oval rings to inspire you.