28 Rose Gold Engagement Rings That Will Win Your Heart

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Gold is available in several different colors most popular are: yellow, white, and rose. What is the difference between yellow gold and rose gold engagement rings? The alloys that are most commonly added to create yellow gold are silver, copper, and zinc. Rose gold known as pink or red gold is pure gold and copper. Rose gold diamond engagement rings have a feminine and romantic look. This ring is a fantastic choice for people with warm and cooler skin tones. A Rose gold engagement ring might be a great choice. You’ll like it!


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Brides often ask

Is rose gold popular for engagement rings?

Rose Gold has become more and more popular throughout the years. The good part about Rose Gold engagement rings is that you can play a lot with their design. Whether you want to affect a stone’s color or not, you can mix and match the prongs and the bands with white gold. Rose Gold gives off a romantic look and is a lot more subtle than the flashy yellow gold. Moreover, it’s truly romantic, as pink is the color of love.

Are rose gold engagement rings more expensive?

No! Rose Gold engagement rings are definitely not more expensive than others. The price of any ring will depend on the complexity of its design, weight, and diamonds. Rose Gold is made with the same purity of the gold as Yellow and White Gold, so the color of the metal of your ring will definitely not affect its overall price.

Is Rose Gold Durable?

Rose gold is just as durable as other kinds of gold, if not even more so. Copper, which is always present in rose gold, is a highly durable metal and is resistant to scratching and denting.

Is rose gold easy to clean?

Rose gold is very easy to clean because, really, you don’t have to clean it at all. Because of its copper content, rose gold doesn’t tarnish and instead develops what’s called a patina. A patina is a sheen that develops on certain metals over time due to oxidation, which gives the metal a gorgeous vintage look.

Is rose gold hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately, like other golds used in jewelry, rose gold is not hypoallergenic. The metals used in rose gold (copper and sometimes zinc, silver, or palladium) to make it stronger are not hypoallergenic and can cause allergic reactions in people who have certain metal allergies.

While most people don’t have an allergic reaction to rose gold, some do. If you have a metal allergy, be sure to look at what rose gold you’re considering is made of to see if it contains a metal you’re allergic to.


Beautiful Diamond Engagement Rings

Beautiful Diamond Engagement Rings can be made with rose gold bands, too! To keep it classic, I would recommend using a solid gold band and adding white prongs to the design for the stone’s color to not affected by the rose gold tone. On the other hand, if your preferences lean towards modern designs, I would suggest a pavé band on rose gold metal. This is still timeless and adds sparkle to your engagement ring!


Rose Gold Oval Engagement Rings

A Rose Gold Oval Engagement Ring is my favorite design lately. It has been trending for the past two years! Oval Diamonds on Rose Gold bands can be set with a pavé style, with side stones, or even as a solitaire! A touch of rose gold will add color and a touch of diamond accents will add sparkle. The oval is a shape that is similar to the round brilliant because of its rounded form, yet the complete design with the addition of rose gold allows you to have a unique piece until the end of time.


Simple Engagement Rings In Rose Gold

Simple engagement rings in rose gold can include solitaires and eternity bands. The protagonist in these pieces will definitely be the color of the metal- representing eternal love. These days, another trend is using colored gemstones as engagement rings- and you can choose from pink sapphires, blue sapphires, or even amethysts to create a truly one-of-a-kind engagement ring on a rose gold band.


Wedding Sets In Rose Gold

Rose Gold wedding sets are to die for! Even if you don’t have a rose gold engagement ring, adding a different tone to your wedding band is perfectly allowed, too! There is no wrong answer here. Rose Gold goes beautifully with white gold, and it would be the perfect detail to add if you want a unique design. On the other hand, if your engagement ring is rose gold, it would be a gorgeous idea to make your wedding band in rose gold as well. This romantic setting will be ideal for olive skin tones, as it blends beautifully with the color of your skin- accentuating the diamonds on the set, too!

Halo Engagement Rings For Ladies

Sometimes more is more! Halos are a great way to make your center stone appear larger, and when paired with rose gold it just creates a stunning piece. Oval diamonds, cushion diamonds, radiant diamonds, and round brilliant diamonds are just some of the most popular shapes of diamonds that would look incredible with a halo on a rose gold band! Your engagement ring will be a show-stopper, that’s for sure.


Vintage Bridal Sets

Rose Gold has been popular in the past couple of years, but the reality is that it was big in the Art Deco times, as well. A ring with mil grain, Old European diamonds, and rose gold would make the most romantic piece of them all. The craftsmanship and the look of the hand-cut diamond on rose gold would take anyone back to vintage times in a second. For the vintage-style-loving bride, this combination is for you! Never hesitate to use rose gold to add romance to the piece of your dreams.

Pave Diamond Bands In Rose Gold Wedding Ring Sets

Pave diamonds and rose gold is a powerful combinationа. The sparkle and the color make a dainty yet gorgeous set. You can pair a pave rose gold band with a solitaire, a halo, or a solitaire engagement ring with a pavé band. It will only add more sparkle to your finger without overpowering the center stone. Pave diamond wedding bands are usually preferred by modern yet conservative brides, those that don’t want their bands to compete with the main character: their engagement ring.


Unique Rose Gold Engagement Rings With Gems

As I said, simple engagement rings can be turned up with colored gemstones. However, colored gemstones can also be added to bands with rose gold and pavé diamonds, channel set rose gold and diamond bands, vintage bands, and more! Color blocking is a big trend right now, and that is why exploring your engagement ring options with other gemstones apart from diamonds is so popular. The combination will create the ultimate design that will definitely be one-of-a-kind. These are for the daring and adventurous bride, surely out of the ordinary in the best way possible!

Rose gold engagement rings are different, romantic, subtle, timeless, modern, and everything in between! You can play with the design of the ring and the gemstones that you use to create the piece that suits you the most. As for the tone of the metal, it goes beautifully with those with olive skin tones. Yet, those with fair skin tones can also rock them! Rose Gold engagement rings will always be my favorite because of their uniqueness in style and significance. You shouldn’t be afraid to be open to holding one of these forever!