30 Unique Wedding Rings: Wedding Sets For The Modern Bride

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Sometimes you want something different from the usual, the unconventional over the traditional. This can be especially important at your wedding if you are used to standing out.
Whether you need unique simple wedding bands or something sparkly like unique diamond wedding bands for her, you are sure to find one that would suit your tastes. From sleek gold rings to two-tone wedding rings and detailed wedding ring sets, it is important to find that unique wedding band that will celebrate your love and tells your story. Stick with us as we show you some of our favorite unique wedding bands to help you find that most important jewelry piece for your wedding day.


Wedding Sets with Colored Gemstones

Gemstones are a fantastic option for unique or unusual wedding rings. Whether you need it to be your birthstone or a specific stone that you admire, you are sure to get something that will stand out. Quite a several gemstones are strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear, so you won’t need to worry about that. You can opt for a pretty pink sapphire within a halo of round diamonds set on a unique white gold wedding band for a most unique and beautiful wedding ring.


Sets With Halo

While wedding bands with a halo are quite popular, there are several that stand out and can be seen as unique. For instance, a rose gold wedding band with a champagne diamond center stone surrounded by a halo of white diamond. A beauty to look at that at the same time resembles a gorgeous flower. Perfect for the bride looking for something unconventional and yet chic. Another option is a wavy yellow gold band with a European cut center diamond flanked by smaller diamonds. The best in delicate and simply unique wedding bands.


Rose Gold Ring Sets

If you are looking for unique gold wedding bands for women, then consider pink and rose gold ring sets. The color alone enables them to stand apart from the common options of yellow and white gold. A unique pink and rose ring would be perfect for any bride looking for that little extra. Consider a delicate rose gold band with micro diamonds that give you that extra sparkle, then a stunning center diamond or gemstone with a halo of similar micro diamonds for that unique and elegant look. A most enchanting and alluring wedding ring set.


Pear and Marquise-Cut Wedding Sets

Pear and marquise cut wedding bands come in a variety of alluring designs and styles. From classic to vintage and even contemporary designs. The diamond shape of the marquise cut is also known as the Navette cut. This elongated oval cut is one of the fanciest and shallow diamond cuts available.

A perfect choice for a unique wedding band, it is flattering for hands and fingers of all sizes. Pear and marquise cut wedding bands are cut in a shape that any bride looking for something unusual is sure to love. The shallow cut of the marquise makes stones look larger than they are, so brides can get larger-carat diamonds at more pocket-friendly prices. Pear and marquise cuts are also great for gemstones, and rubies, sapphires, emeralds, blue topaz, and tourmalines all look exquisite in the marquise and pear cut design.


Simple Engagement Rings in Unique Sets

Sometimes you need something simple, but unique at the same time. When searching for simple and unique wedding bands for women, consider two diamond-studded wedding bands, each very simple, but holding between them a solitary wedding ring. This will give a truly gorgeous and versatile look that will appeal to the minimalist or simplistic bride.

Unique Wedding Ring Sets With Oval Diamond Cut

Unique wedding bands for her don’t have to be complicated. Consider a wedding ring featuring a center stone of morganite, surrounded by a halo of petals of pave diamonds. This floral wedding ring resembling a lily pad can be set on a simple rose or yellow gold wavy band that contributes to the floral design and the absolute uniqueness of this wedding ring set. The second band in the set has a simple replicated design of the first but without the stones.


Wedding Bands Floral Elements

Wedding bands with floral elements are becoming more popular and are now one of the most trendy designs out there. Quite several brides enjoy the feminine touch and uniqueness of this design. Consider a flower like a ring featuring a cluster of several diamonds of alternating marquise-cut and round cut stones looking for flower petals. Another option is an oval diamond cut ring with a gorgeous detailed sparkly diamond halo. The makings for a unique and beautiful floral wedding band.

Non-traditional Wedding Bands with Pave Bands

Pave bands give wedding rings the sparkle that they deserve. If you need unique diamond wedding bands for women, consider this floral ring trend of a round cut diamond center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds, with a delicate pave band for the extra sparkle. A modern and fun non-traditional diamond ring with a classic pave band for the modern bride.


Unique Vintage Wedding Sets

Unique vintage wedding ring sets are exquisite, handcrafted collections that tell a timeless love story. To choose the perfect set, consider the era and style that resonates with your love story. Combine rings with diamonds for added elegance and sparkle. These rings carry the charm of yesteryears and are steeped in history, making them a perfect choice for couples seeking a distinct and enduring symbol of their love.

Brides often ask

How you can make a wedding ring unique?

There are quite a several features you can look out for that make a wedding ring truly stand out. One of the most unique wedding bands is unusual shapes. Many wedding rings feature round stones. If you want something a bit more unconventional, consider a less common shape. Perhaps oval or hexagon? Something else that adds to the uniqueness of a wedding ring is if you get it in a set. While many wedding ring sets look traditional, some out there like the three stone wedding ring sets or two-tone metals can stand out.

Which 3 elements are most popular for unique wedding bands?

Certain elements in a wedding ring can ensure that you get that one-of-a-kind wedding ring that you are looking for. Here are three elements that are popular with wedding rings’ unique bands.
1. Distinctive Gemstones – Semi-precious stones such as amethyst, sapphires, rubies, and morganite are sure to set your wedding ring apart. Different from the traditional gold or diamond ring, they add color to your jewelry, and if you choose your birthstone, it carries even more meaning.
2. Unique Shapes – The shape of the stones of your wedding ring can also go a long way in setting your choice of ring apart from the others. For something unique, you would benefit from choosing something other than the usual round cut or princess cut.
3. Two-tone metals – This is another element that can give you unique female wedding bands as most people choose rings with pave bands or a single-tone metal. Two-tone metals add a uniqueness to your ring that is difficult to achieve in any other way.

What does a black wedding ring mean?

Wearing black rings can be a way to show the power of love. A couple, who chooses black rings, shows that they believe in the strength of their union above all else.

Unique wedding bands come in various shapes and sizes. From custom designs of hexagons, pear, and oval shapes, unique wedding ring sets, and more. There is an unlimited number of choices for the bride looking for that unconventional wedding band for her big day.