Rings 2024: Top Engagement Ring Ideas

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Modern brides break traditions and think out of the box, from their dresses to accessories and the wedding proper – they set standards! Rings are not left out, that’s why engagement ring trends 2024 is one of the most searched phrases on Google. Every girl needs that ring she can proudly flaunt.


Engagement rings are a symbol of love, promise, and commitment, picking one is serious business. This is a piece of jewelry that the bride may wear for decades and pass on to the next generation as an heirloom. This makes a lot of thought go into choosing one.  Every bride is unique and will choose a ring that matches her personality, fashion style, and comfort.

What’s a ring without your personal touch? Brides who want some originality will go for the unique engagement rings ideas. Decadence, statement, and unusual best describe black and yellow diamonds. This will best suit the bold and elegant bride who is not scared to stand out!

Have friends glued to your finger by making a selection from our eye-popping compilation of 2024 engagement rings!

Brides often ask

What is the most popular style of engagement ring?

The most popular engagement ring style of all time is the round diamond ring solitaire. It has long been a favorite because of its simplicity and elegance. This style puts the diamond as the protagonist of the ring, held in place by a solid gold or platinum band. It uses a round brilliant diamond as the main and only stone in the center of the spotlight and as the most classic style.

What is trending in engagement rings?

In anticipation of 2024, I can predict that engagement rings will have a very distinct trend. Heirloom stones, colored gemstones, and statement wedding bands are on the front of the line for the next year. As for fancy shapes, ovals have ruled in 2024, making them one of the most sought-after diamond shapes of the year. After many celebrities such as Blake Lively and Ariana Grande popularized the oval diamond ring, I strongly believe this will continue to be a trend in the coming year. As for colored gemstones, I can predict that Emerald gemstone and Blue Sapphire will be the most popular alternatives to diamond engagement rings and that personalized designs on the bands will become a popular way to set your engagement ring apart from the classic round brilliant solitaire.

What is the most timeless engagement ring?

The most timeless engagement ring is the round brilliant solitaire. Popularized years ago, it continues to be a style that defines class, elegance, and sophistication no matter what trend is hot at the moment. Other timeless engagement ring styles are three-stone rings and accented rings with a pavé band. In my opinion, another timeless engagement ring includes an Emerald diamond as a center stone with two small diamonds accenting it on each side. It is a classic fancy shape with a step-cut rather than a brilliant cut, and I am positive that the style will transcend through the years as timeless and graceful.


Vintage Engagement Rings

Interestingly, we are ringing in the new year with a few vintage-style engagement rings, since I predict we will be seeing a lot of those this year. In addition, we will be seeing a lot of repurposed rings, statement bands, and colored gemstones for 2024 engagement rings.

Vintage rings lie among a broad category of engagement rings, featuring milgrain settings, Old Mine and Old European diamond cuts, and detailed designs that will transport you to decades and even centuries ago the second you see your ring.

The Old Mine cut diamond and the Old European diamond are the predecessors of what we know today as the Cushion and the Round Brilliant. Cut by skilled craftsmen by hand; the rough diamond was shaped into these types of stones to bring out the beauty in each diamond. As time went by and technology advanced, these cuts evolved into the Cushion and Round Brilliant, respectively. Today, Old Mine and Old European diamonds are rare and have the perfect vintage look because of their history- which is even more valuable for a person willing to carry that style.

If you’d like to design your own, that is also possible – milgrain settings can be found today in Platinum, White Gold, Rose Gold, or Yellow Gold, and we can source the perfect diamond to go with it depending on your preferences.

A vintage-style ring is meant for any romantic and dreaming bride. A woman who appreciates history loves delicacy, is extremely elegant, and has an Art Deco or Edwardian style would be the perfect character to receive a vintage-style ring. If you are one of those, don’t hesitate to look for vintage rings instead of the popular modern ones! You will have a one-of-a-kind piece that will last forever.


Modern Bridal Sets

Engagement ring trends 2024 will be incomplete without the spectacular modern bridal sets. They come in diverse shapes, materials, and unique gemstones for the bride’s satisfaction. These kinds of bridal sets are especially for brides who want variety without their fingers looking riotous. They are chic, classy, and sophisticated for the modern bride.

These rings can come in an irregularly shaped white gold set. The micro paving or setting stone around the band delineate them for attention. The extravagant bride will go for a diamond with a halo, turning the whole white gold ring stack into a bling.

Tip. These bridal sets will sit best on brides with slim fingers, giving them finesse, elongation, and comfort. For brides with bigger fingers, the white and rose gold combination is best, as it creates an illusion of a slim and longer finger due to the transition in color. Brides with bigger fingers should also go easy on the embellishments by keeping them simple.


Halo Engagement Rings

Over the years, halo-styled engagement rings have been in increasing demand. Halos are here to stay as intending brides are rooting for it real hard.

TIP. Halos make center diamonds look larger when clustered around them.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, they should look sizeable after all.

Discover the allure of halo-styled engagement rings, a timeless choice that adds glamour and vintage-inspired elegance. Explore stunning designs at With Clarity, where you can customize and try on replicas at home for a confident and personalized shopping experience.


Pear-Cut Engagement Rings

Pear and Marquise shapes are explicitly unique diamond cuts. They are so beautiful, that brides find it difficult to make a choice.

Did you know? Marquis of French origin means nobleman, they wore diamonds to flaunt their status. Today, the marquise cut is symbolized by many cut variations, the oval diamond cut being the most common.

Pear cut diamond engagement ring, like a teardrop is a dainty combination of a round cut and Marquise diamond, tapering at one end. Pear-shaped engagement rings come in shapes and sizes that are perfect for women with wide, short, or slim fingers.

Diamond in pear shape gives the fingers a slender and longer impression, but the stone size should be considered. A huge stone may swallow the finger, making them look shorter.

TIP. Marquise and pear cuts will sit well on ladies who have short fingers, making them appear longer.

Women with wide fingers are the luckiest in this category. While they have to avoid wearing rings that show so much flesh, they can flaunt both the pear and marquise engagement cut rings.

Rose Gold Rings

Have you seen a rose gold ring? They ooze elegance and are in a class of their own! They have been in vogue for a couple of years and are not leaving our faces anytime soon.

In addition, this is a perfect substitute for intending brides who do not feel yellow gold engagement rings. Brides who want a combination of subtlety and color have embraced rose gold engagement rings. Rose Gold rings have successfully achieved near-classic status!

Won’t they? They have all the advantages and are corporate.

TIP. Rose Gold matches varieties of skin tones – fair, caramel, chocolate, pastels, and all shades between.

We feel very sentimental about rose gold engagement rings. This is because not only do the intending brides get their dream rings. But, rose gold goes a step further in making them feel comfortable in their skin, by complementing them.

Pair a rose gold ring with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, or amethysts and it matches perfectly as a set!

With other metals, rose gold blends in very well without clashes. Rose Gold comes in many styles, cuts, and colors suitable for the vintage and modern bride.


Unique Engagement Rings 2024

Jewelers and brides have outdone themselves last year. They keep us fascinated by reinventing and blending the old with the new school. We’ve been on the lookout for trendy unique statement-making engagement rings in 2024 and here are some of them.

TIP. Diamonds can fill the side twists with a big stone as a centerpiece.

  • Colored gems

Colored gemstones are unique and we have seen a lot of the trend this year. Nobody is sticking to the traditional anymore. Seems we all need some color in our lives. From sapphires to rubies, amethysts, diamonds, and emeralds. Brides have defied tradition and gone bolder, join the train.

Rings With Pave Bands

In pave settings, the diamonds are arranged very closely around the band, giving the ring a heavily encrusted look. This is where we say “a ring is paved with diamonds like a street is paved with gold”.

TIP. Taking into account their endless sparkle, pave settings were created to enhance the brilliance of diamond rings.

Diamond pave bands entrances, women of all styles, whether demure, chic, or confident. These are available in contemporary and classic styles, something for everyone. Ways to incorporate pave set diamonds into your engagement bands are numerous. Some of which are;

  • Micro pave

For the simple bride who loves pave rings, this is an option to consider. They are thin, delicate, and detailed. Diamonds can be micro-paved throughout the ring or around the center stone, enhancing the illumination and size of the bling.

  • Halo pave

This is for the couple on a budget. The pave set diamonds around the centerpiece form a halo, making it look larger.

  • French pave

The target is to increase the amount of light hitting the side stones. The diamonds are raised by U or V-shaped metals, exposing their sides to light.


Simple Engagement Rings

There is beauty in simplicity and as the saying goes, less is more! If you’re a bride with an understated style, you may find wearing large rocks uncomfortable. Simple engagement rings are perfect for you. Now, this does not mean your ring will look drab and dull, nor will you trade style for comfort.

We would even say that some of the most gorgeous rings around lately are simple and dainty.

  • They come in intricate subtle details that never cease to hold your attention. Think of stones, metals, and gems, you can have them all while maintaining your simplicity.
  • Simple engagement rings draw attention to the gemstones and the beautiful fingers they adorn. Simple engagement rings may not have gems on them. They can come in pure gold, platinum, or silver charming bands. Their simplicity is the main attraction here.

TIP. Simple engagement rings can serve as an heirloom, passed from one generation to another. They are also easy to manipulate and reset if the bequeathed has a different taste from the previous wearer.

In addition, these rings are classic, elegant, and subtle. These attributes best describes your personality and the uniqueness of your love.

Rings With Colored Stones

Black diamonds are the perfect symbol of forever. They are mysterious, and powerful and are a shift from the conventional diamonds. Brides who are confident and want to stamp some personality and make statements will love this.

They’re chic, trendy, and placed up there with the word unique! In other words, they come in many styles and cuts for you to choose from. Whether they are dusted through a plain band, placed as a centerpiece, or flanked by other stones. A simple solitaire or extravagant 3-sone set in platinum, black diamonds are eye candies and are cheaper than white diamonds.

Yellow and pink diamonds exude strength, abundance, and clarity and are fantastic choices for the unconventional bride. They are rare and don’t come cheap, compared to the whites. They are for brides who want to give a touch of their individuality while retaining elegance.

TIP. They are the hardest of all diamonds and you can wear them always. A colored diamond is an extravagance itself, they need no extra fuss to stand out. Angular halo, baguette diamond size stones, or pave settings give colored diamonds a classic look!


Band Wedding Ring

Not all engagement rings are solitaires! Engagement ring designs are endless, and single-band rings are among the most popular ones. If it fits your style, you can create a beautiful piece with dazzling diamonds that will accompany you forever. These rings are also popular because of their comfort on the fingers, and the fact that they can be used alone or stacked with other rings.

In addition, single-band wedding or engagement rings usually have encrusted diamonds throughout a solid metal ring. On the modern side, these designs may include eternity bands or even clusters of diamonds. While the design can be simple and dainty, it can also be more complex for a true statement piece.

These rings have such a beautiful design that they are meant to be worn alone. If it is used as a wedding band, you can use it on the other hand than the one you use for your engagement ring. If it is your engagement ring, then you can create other pieces to complement it as the main character and turn to stack them with daintier rings. As a safety tip, it is important to be aware that these rings shouldn’t be used with other rings next to them (meaning on the adjacent fingers), as diamonds may rub on each other and be damaged.

In conclusion, the traditional single-band metal wedding ring has transitioned to eternity bands like these over the years. Today, the trendiest single band wedding rings are eternity bands in every diamond shape, from Emerald Cuts to Oval Cuts and of course, Round Brilliants. For the modern bride, pavé diamonds may be added around the center diamonds for a prominent look. Additionally, single-band wedding rings can also have other styles, created with clusters of diamonds and setting techniques to reflect the personality of the woman wearing them.

The single band engagement ring is a design that can be catered to vintage-loving brides, timeless ladies, and modern women. Why? Because it can be personalized exactly as you want it. The vintage look can be achieved with diamond clusters, while the timeless look can be created with same-cut diamonds around the band to achieve an eternity ring. Moreover, the modern look can be accomplished with the strategic addition of pavé diamonds. See? There are options for

ALL! Which type of bride are you?