Innovative Wedding Tech Ideas For a True 21st Century Wedding

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The digital world is evolving fast, providing new technologies everyday that change the way that we do things, even the ways in which we celebrate. If you are looking to add a unique twist to your big day, then you might want to consider integrating wedding tech that can do just that.


Technology can not only help you plan your wedding and get organized faster and with less stress, but it can also help you create the best memories at your wedding. From virtual reality viewings to remote controlled recordings, here are a few ways that you can plug your wedding into the world of hi-tech.

    Brides often Ask

    How do you make a wedding creative?

    You can make a wedding creative by adding a twist to traditional formalities. Personalizing the décor or entertainment can make it creatively unique.

    How to integrate tech in a wedding

    There are many ways to integrate tech into a wedding. For instance, social media hashtags can be placed on banners and desserts to engage guests online, and drones can document the occasion.


    Wedding Tech Trends. Checklist

    Build a Wedding Website

    A wedding website is a digital platform that can be used to engage all of your guests online, keeping them updated on events, your registry and such. It’s also a great way to collect memories from your wedding in high definition. It has become a modern standard for weddings and other related events with the advantage of simplifying the communication process between couples and guests.


    Create a Unique Social Media Hashtag

    A hashtag is a great way to collate data from your wedding process all in one place on social media. It would also connect your guests in a way that ensures no one misses a thing. With so much happening all at once, using a specific hashtag will mean that every moment captured from your engagement to the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner and the wedding, can be viewed anytime afterwards.

    Consider Digital Invitations

    With everyone hooked to their phones and laptops, it is becoming increasingly unnecessary to send out paper wedding invites. Digital invitations are easier and can be sent to a large number of people all at once. With the digital option, you can send wedding save the dates and invites with the touch of a button and receive RSVPs in a similar manner.

    Live Stream Your Wedding Ceremony and Reception

    Not all invited guests would be able to make it to a wedding, and this is where a tech wedding can come in very handy. Whether guests would be absent for travel or health reasons, they could take part in the festivities in real if there’s live streaming. The wedding can be streamed live on Facebook, Instagram or even Skype, and attended by a selected number of people.


    Consider a VR Experience for Guests Who Can’t Attend in Person

    If you want guests who are unable to attend to get an even more realistic seat at the table, then you could consider the VR option. With virtual reality headsets, they would have a more 3 or 4D experience at a futuristic wedding. The headsets could be given as tech wedding gifts; another sure way of going next level with your wedding.

    Hire a Professional Drone Photographer For Unique Aerial Shots

    Take your wedding videography and photos to the next level by getting a drone photographer. Whether you’re having an outdoor or indoor wedding, you can get some of the most unique footage with a drone taking aerial shots and even closeups in a way that a conventional camera wouldn’t be able to.


    Create 3D Printed Souvenirs For Guests

    Wedding favors and souvenirs can be personalized for each guest using 3D printing. This would create a memorable experience for your guests, especially if the printing happens live on the request of each guest. Souvenirs like cookies or coffee mugs can be personalized with their names, initials or favorite colors, making their gifts more symbolic.

    Use AI-Powered Chatbots to Answer Common Guest Questions

    AI can also be used to your advantage. Your wedding reception can have an AI powered interactive screen where guests ask common questions such as directions or FAQs on the couple. This can keep guests engaged and take certain responsibilities of the shoulders of waiters.


    Set Up Interactive Photo Booths

    Photo booths are a great idea for putting a spin on a traditional wedding. Even better, there are more modern options to impress your guests. There are interactive phone booths that can help users create photos, videos and gifs. Some also come with fun props and filters to help guests create better pictures.

    Consider The Opportunity to Buy High Tech Wedding Rings

    Technology has also given us rings that are more than just wedding rings. You can surprise your partner with any of these futuristic tech wedding bands that are more than just decorative.


    Use Futuristic Tech Wedding Band

    • Ringly: The Ringly tech wedding band can be connected to your smart phone to alert you whenever you receive any notification. This can be especially handy during your wedding when you might not have your phone.
    • Motiv: If you want a high-tech wedding ring that can do more than the basics, then consider Motiv. The slim and lightweight titanium band can track sleep, your heart rate, calories, steps and more.
    • Oura: Designed to monitor circadian rhythm, the Oura ring is a leader in sleep tracking. It also keeps a charge that can last up to seven days, and tracks body temperature and pulse, as well as other daily activities.
    • Vibe: In line with it’s name, the Vibe ring can be programmed to vibrate whenever the wearer receives phone notifications. This feature can also be turned off during important events such as a meeting or wedding.
    • Kerv: The Kerv ring uses NFC to enable contactless payments. Their stylish customizable rings make it easier to move about and make purchases without needing to carry cash or credit cards.
    • Movo: Control smart devices such as speakers and lights with the wedding ring tech called Movo. Movo also allows you send messages and photos to other Movo users, making it the perfect wedding favor.

    You can have an amazing and memorable wedding by plugging in wedding tech subtly and creatively into certain aspects of your big day. Enjoy the advantages of high-tech innovations and watch as they transform your wedding.