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15 Engagement Party Ideas To Let The Party Begin


Engagement party ideas are a dime a dozen, but only fun engagement party ideas keep your party locked down. Everyone is happy that you got hooked and may want to host an engagement party on your behalf. But it is not unusual to host your own engagement party, with all the associated pomp and pageantry.


Whatever the case, there are lots of creative ideas for an engagement party that you can use for a big or small party. This post will also teach you how to plan the ultimate engagement party in the details! Stay with us!

Check our infographic about engagement party planning:

How to Plan the Ultimate Engagement Party

The engagement party is ideally celebrated right after the engagement and way before any pre-wedding festivities. By right, the bride’s parents are in charge of throwing an engagement party. But if they turn down the chance, anybody can go ahead to host.

With the many ideas for engagement parties, you have a lot to do. From the outdoors to the indoors, trips or nights out, there are guides to follow.
To host an unforgettable party, you need to come up with the best engagement party ideas. And to execute those ideas, you need a fail-proof plan.

Below, you will find just how to plan the perfect engagement party.

  • Pick a host. That is if the bride’s parents object to the host.
  • Choose a date for the engagement party.
  • Create a guest list of those whom you want to attend.
  • Scout and choose a venue, depending on the type of party you want.
  • Create a registry, so that guests can start picking out they love. Make it affordable.
  • Send out invitations through paper invites, e-invites, emails etc. This depends on your budget and party type.
  • Get down to planning a simple party menu.
  • Pick a theme for the guests and decor.


Top 15 Unique Engagement Party Ideas

  1. Night for the movies

Looking for engagement party ideas at home? This is your best bet. Switch up your home into a theater and get your guests to come around. Mount a projector and connect it to your home theatre.

Begin the night by playing through favorite pictures and moments of you and your spouse. End it with watching a list of your favorite movies. Give it the perfect finish by handing out chocolates, popcorn, and some good time booze.

  1. A suite sporting event

Do you and your guests love games? Are you sports enthusiasts? Then, here is one of the best engagement party game ideas.
Book a suite at your best games and cheer your favorites on, while you toast to your engagement. You would not be missing a game you love for your engagement party.

There is enough food which comes with the reservation fee, and the environment is casual. This allows for interactions.

  1. Back to your happy place

If you’re planning an engagement party for your bestie’s and you need surprise engagement party ideas. here is one.
Whisk your besties off to a place that holds great significance to them, where they met. This is the place they first professed their love to each other. It is only fair the place witnesses their happiness.

Taking them back will leave them emotional and sentimental. But it is beautiful. Love is a beautiful thing.

  1. Picnic party

This is one of the cheap engagement party ideas you can find. It costs almost nothing to have an engagement party picnic. The best is that you can have it in your backyard, in your garden or the total outdoors.

Just do a light decor with some lights and table centerpieces. Bring up your picnic basket filled with desserts, salad, and some wine. Drag along your ice coolers of canned beers. Everybody casual and having fun.

  1. Throwing it back to the oldies

Here is one of the best ideas for engagement parties. An opportunity for your guests to dig out all those out of fashion ensembles they’ve always wanted to rock.

Turn a part of your home or a venue of your choice into a club setting from the 50s. Hire a jukebox if you don’t have one. Get your guests to come dressed like in the 50s, and they’d dance to the oldies.

  1. Replicate famous couple’s costumes

For engagement party ideas, this is one party type that is all-inclusive. This is one of the wedding engagement party ideas that let the guests look as great as they want.

Inform guests in your invite that it is a party of famous couple costumes. They can either get in contact with another guest or come dressed with their plus one. The couple who best replicates a famous couple wins a prize.

  1. Quiet disco

This is one of the engagement parties’ ideas that won’t put you in trouble with the neighbors or police. You can have unending fun all night long without disturbing the neighborhood.

Get as many headphones, one for each of your guests. They’d wear in on their ears and jam to hit music. All you need do is have a DJ on the ground for an endless supply of music. Once they take off the headphones, everywhere is still as quiet.

  1. From the world with love

This is a huge favorite of ours. Take your guests on a journey around the world through your pictures. Pictures of places you and your beloved visited. You can also include places on your to go list.

Let your guests see the beauty of the world in pictures. Give them a feel by serving up foods from different parts of the world. Seal the idea by throwing hit songs from different parts of the world.

  1. Cocktail Rogue

If you are a lover of cocktails, maybe it’s time your guests get the bug. It is rewarding to have fun and learn at the same time.
Hire a mixologist to teach your guests how to make some tough cocktails. They will how to spice it up, pump in some cool herbs and become aficionados. Make as much and serve up a cocktail buffet.

Guests will have the fun of their lives downing cocktails and some more cocktails.

  1. Go camping

This is one of our creative ideas for an engagement party. Pack a back with some friends, seek out a rustic, but modern cabin in Aspen and enjoy camping. Ideally, camping is a survival adventure, but common, it’s just a party. So, make it easier by using a place with modern amenities.

There so much to do, like hiking, cycling, running distance, or even hunting games. You’d come back having had the fun of your life.

  1. Sunset beach

A sunset beach party is unarguably the most romantic outdoor engagement party ever. Get everyone out to the beach on a cool evening. Set the fire and watch it crackle. Dance around as it glows up to the orange skies and blue seas.

And when the skies merge with the seas, bring out the cocktails, s’mores and decadent chocolate. Roast some meat and watch the beautiful sunset in the west. Such an enthralling view!

  1. From the rooftops

You want to shout your love from the rooftops and be closer to the sky at the same time? Here is a unique engagement party for you.

You can use your home for this is you have an open rooftop setting. But if you don’t, look for venues that have rooftops. You could watch the sunset while you toast to your love. This is romantic and a shift from the norm.

  1. Sunset boat cruise

You want intimate, romantic, private, but fun engagement party ideas? A sunset boat cruise is an ideal choice.
Go on a boat cruise with your invited guests, away from the madness of and bustle of the land. Make a toast, drink some wine, dance and be merry.

Take some good pictures on the sea and watch the sunset into the sea. Cozy up in the arms of your lover and enjoy the sea breeze. Premium romance.

  1. Country brunch

Get guest to a late breakfast and some country music at your engagement party. Roll out the chilled jars of juice, waffles, chilled tea, omelets, and Long Island. Guests will love this, it leaves them relaxed and in high spirits.

Set everyone to a nice brunch meal and some card games. Have some country music seep into the background as they are merry. And when it’s time to boogie, tune up the country music for some major dance floor moves.

  1. Pool party fun

Some tequila, mojitos, small chops and chilled juice for the summer. A pool engagement party on a warm day to celebrate your love and upcoming nuptials. Choose a private pool if you don’t have one in your home

Make a supply of protective materials for your guests. Make available sunscreen, hand fans, beach hats, towels, and little tents. This is a great way to celebrate and relax at the same time.

Engagement party ideas will leave you spoilt for choice for your engagement party. Learn how to host the best big or small engagement party. Plan right and get everything in place, without missing a thing. Get creative ideas for an engagement party and give your bestie the surprise of her life!