If you planning country wedding  take a look at one of the hottest wedding trends is the western wedding tendency. Locations like ranchos and barns create the atmosphere of wild west. Don’t worry your wedding will not less elegant if you pick a more rustic wedding location. We have found great ideas of western wedding decoration that will make your wedding classy and elegant adding a western feeling.

Photo 1-3: Western Wedding Barn Decorations

Source: Megan Hardre, Chris and Kristen Photography, Aldabella Photography

Photo 4-6: Western Wedding Reception Ideas In Different Locations

Source: Nicole Chan Photography, Chris and Kristen Photography, Elevate Photography

Photo 7-9: Beautiful Ceremony Decor Ideas In Western Style

Source: Eureka Photography, Elevate Photography, Rae Marshall Weddings

Photo 10-12: Western Wedding Decoration Ideas For Dessert Stands

Source: Dash Photography , Jenny Haas, Rae Marshall Weddings

Photo 13-15: Amazing Vintage Chairs With Wild Western Atmosphere

Source: pablo_laguia via Instagram, Dash Photography, Rae Marshall Weddings

Photo 16-18: Horseshoes Are Perfectly Fit To Western Theme Wedding

Source: Rebecca Hollis, J + A Photography, Chris and Kristen Photography

Photo 19-21: Trensy Cow’s Skull Wedding Decor Ideas

Source: Rae Marshall Weddings, EventZen via Instagram, Larry Stanley

Photo 22-24: Beautiful Rustic Wedding Centerpieces

Source: One Eleven Images, One Eleven ImagesCassandra Lane Photography

Photo 25-27: Charmin White Flowers For Western Wedding

Source: Chris and Kristen Photography, Flying W Leather via Instagram, Décoration Mariage Tendance

Photo 28-30: Bridal Flower Arrangement

Source: Eureka Photography, Chris and Kristen Photography, Chris and Kristen Photography