What To Put On Your Wedding Registry


Your wedding registry is meant to help your guests choose a suitable wedding gift for you and your new spouse. It can be easy to go a little crazy trying to figure out what needs to be on it, which items are considered “too expensive” to be included and which stores you should register with. Here are some handy tips to help make creating your wedding registry a much easier task.

1. The Cash Dilemma

Just as you shouldn’t put your wedding registry information on your invitations, you also shouldn’t ask your guests for gifts of cash. Some guests may want to give you a gift of cash, so you can make it easier and less awkward by registering on websites where stocks can be purchased as gifts or where your guests can contribute toward the cost of your honeymoon. There are also ways to set up accounts so that guests can contribute cash for a specific purpose, such as a down payment for your first home.


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