Wedding Venues And Their Hidden Costs

Wedding Venues & Their Hidden Costs


2. The Great Outdoors Venue Hidden Costs

Whether it’s a sunlight beach, a romantic vineyard or a simple backyard wedding, there will be hidden costs, as being exposed to nature and the elements always calls for extra precautions. Here are some possible extra wedding venue costs for you to consider.

Tents: You have to be prepared for rain or shine, so always have a Plan B. And of course you will need lighting and decor for the tent to keep in synch with your wedding theme.

Permits: Events held in a public place like a beach or public park often require permits, location fees, and often, insurance. And you most likely will need a permit for that tent as well.

Dance Floor: You don’t want people slipping and sliding in the grass or falling on pavement and getting hurt. And as an added fee of course, dance floors built over grass require subflooring.

High Powered, Quality Sound System: There is a lot more noise at an outdoor wedding than an indoor one and you don’t want anyone to miss out on the toasts and speeches or not be able to enjoy the dance music.


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