Everyone expects to have a wonderful wedding, but sometimes, that’s not the way things work out. From sudden illness to a ruined wedding dress, stolen gifts and beyond, wedding insurance exists to help make you whole when the worst happens on your wedding day.  It’s a great way to have a little extra peace of mind as you plan your wedding.

1. Wedding Insurance Basics

Wedding insurance is meant to protect the investments you make in your wedding. It provides protection from random circumstances that might otherwise result in the total loss of everything you’ve spent to make your wedding happen. Good wedding insurance will even cover you if you end up paying three times more for your wedding limo because your original driver never showed up, or if you have to pay through the nose for a custom-fit tux because the one you had got lost somewhere in transit by careless baggage handlers. It will even provide coverage in an unthinkable situation, such as your venue closing before your big day and keeping your deposit. Wedding insurance helps cover any financial losses that may occur due to circumstances beyond your control.


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