25+ Honeymoon Clothes: From Dresses To Something Sexy

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You’ve booked your flight, made your hotel reservations, and even have a travel itinerary planned. You are dreaming of fun-filled days, romantic moonlit nights, and cozy, intimate moments with your love. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and overpack. We can offer you some advice on how to pack your honeymoon clothes so you won’t need a separate plane just for your luggage.


We’ll show you how to keep it simple, yet sexy! Check out the 10 categories below and have a Bon Voyage!

Brides Often Ask

What should I wear for my flight on my honeymoon?

Comfortable athleisure outfits are often best for travel. It’s important to wear light layers that wouldn’t need a belt. Take a jacket for the cold on the plane, as well as accessories like socks, a sleep mask, a neck pillow, and comfortable shoes.

How many outfits should I pack for my honeymoon?

If you can, take two of everything, such as two dinner gowns, two casual loungewear, a pair of comfortable sneakers, flip flops and heels, lingerie, as well as accessories such as sunglasses, sun hats, and more.

How many pairs of shoes should you bring?

Three pairs of shoes are ideal, a maximum of five pairs. A pair of flip-flops for walking around the hotel, comfortable sneakers for the flight and light hiking, sandals for casual outings, and a pair of heels for dinner or a night out.


Dress Ideas For Honeymoon

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to pack for a trip. A honeymoon in particular would require honeymoon clothes and sexy dresses. While looking exquisite should be on the menu, you should also try to pack for your destination. The weather conditions will decide the ideal clothing for the trip, so whether rainy, sunny, windy, or snowy, pack appropriately.


Evening Honeymoon Clothes

A honeymoon is a time not only for relaxation but also for couple dates. Honeymoon clothes for a bride should include stunning dinner dresses for a chic or sexy look. Daring dresses with high slits or plunging necklines would not be out of place. If you prefer trousers, be sure to get sexy silk or chiffon tops to go with them.


Honeymoon Sleepwear

Any list of wedding honeymoon outfits would be incomplete without sleepwear. Carefully pick out your sleepwear for such a special time in your life. While maximum comfort is a great idea, you’d also want maximum romance as well. So, pack sexy lace and silk nightwear that is just as cute as they are comfortable.


Lingerie Ideas

Lingerie is a big part of your honeymoon and can be easy to forget when putting together bridal clothes for a honeymoon. You might want to do some extra shopping for this. Another name for sexy honeymoon clothes is lingerie, so try to get sexy and supportive lingerie in your favorite fabrics, from laces to silks and more.

Accessories To Carry For Honeymoon

Honeymoon travel clothes will look even better with the right accessories. A baseball cap is a great idea for the journey. This can be switched to a floppy hat or a fedora during the holiday if you plan to spend time in the sun. Sunglasses are also a must for eye protection and will look great in honeymoon photos.


Sexy Honeymoon Clothes

If you need sexy honeymoon clothes ideas, consider flowy dresses. They can be long or short, and have sleeves or not. Flowy dresses are always sexy and a great choice for a honeymoon. They are also ultra-comfortable and come in a variety of styles. They can be worn casually, or semi-casually. Add a few accessories and they can even be upgraded for a formal outing.

Honeymoon Swimsuits

One of the most important clothes to pack for a tropical honeymoon at a beach destination is a swimsuit. You’ll need your beachwear if you’re going anywhere with water, from seasides to lakes or even waterfalls. Choose sexy bikinis, tankinis, or one piece that you feel comfortable in. Also, remember to take sunscreen and other items like sarongs and sunglasses.


Honeymoon Footwear

While clothes to wear on a honeymoon might be top on your list, it’s essential to also not forget footwear. Three to five pairs are often necessary. You’ll need comfy slippers to wear around the hotel, then lightweight sneakers for the journey and casual walkabouts. Low-heeled sandals are also a great idea for simple outings, and then a pair of heels or two for dress-up dinners.

Bags For Honeymoon

Bags are an accessory you can’t overlook when considering clothes for a honeymoon. You might do some exploring, so stylish but sensible bags are necessary. A tote is a great idea for carrying most anything you might need when going out. A good-sized tote would take your wallet as well as a tablet or even a laptop and other necessities. A cross-over bag is also a good option as opposed to a purse or handbag you could take to dinner.


Honeymoon Clothes For Plus-Size Brides

The great thing about a couple of clothes for the honeymoon is that they come in all styles and sizes. So, if you are in the plus-sized department you have nothing to worry about. Whether you’re looking to take long or short dresses or sexy lingerie, get the size that fits you comfortably, and supports you in the right places. If you feel self-conscious in swimwear, a sexy sarong or beach dress will help you feel just fine.

Everyone knows that honeymoon clothes equal sexy dresses. However, there is the need to balance comfort with romantic. And so, whether you’re getting honeymoon clothes for a groom or bride, it’s important to pack for your destination. Take clothing that is suited to the weather, and will give you some comfort when going on casual outings, so your clothing can help and not hamper you from having the best time.