7 Honeymoon Photo Tips For Memorable Shots


Whether you honeymoon is on a cruise, an exotic Caribbean island, a secluded beach, a tiny village in France, or a whirlwind tour of Europe, you’ll want to make sure to capture those magical moments. You’ll definitely want professional looking shots, but be sure to get lots of candid shots as well. These honeymoon photo tips will help you feel at ease behind the lens.

1. Get To Know Your Camera

You may have purchased a new camera before the wedding, or received one as a gift. (Here’s an extra honeymoon photo tip: it can’t hurt to include a high-end digital camera on your bridal registry!) It’s important that you read the manual from front to back and even play with the camera a little before the honeymoon so you are familiar with the settings and you’ll be prepared when it’s time for the perfect shot. You don’t want to be fumbling around with your camera and miss the moment. Also, make sure to protect your camera. Invest in a sturdy camera case that is both lightweight and practical.  Make sure that you have all of the necessary equipment with you (ie: cords, batteries, charger, memory cards, USB cable, compact hard drive).

2. Pose For An Underwater Shot

One of the newest honeymoon photo trends is the underwater selfie. Whether it’s the ocean, a lake or even the hotel pool, you should snap an underwater couples’ selfie for prosperity. You can purchase an underwater camera at most gift shops, or even get a Lifeproof case for your phone or tablet. Be creative, go deep sea diving, kiss underwater, whatever you think works best. Remember, these honeymoon photo tips are here to help you make your pictures both memorable and personal.

3. Always Backup…And Backup Your Backup! 

Even the most professional photographers have lost amazing photos due to technological issues or slow internet. Always make sure you have your charger, plenty of batteries and even extra memory cards. It’s a good idea to pack a small portable hard-drive as well. Don’t forget to backup your photos on your cloud. It’s better to be over-cautious than lose all of those precious honeymoon photos.

4. Mix & Mingle

Get some local flavor. Talk to the hotel staff, your waiter, a street musician, that elderly couple sitting in the park. Get a few shots with the locals to make it more personal. But remember to be polite and ask first before snapping their picture. And always thank them for their kindness.

5. Take a honeymoon “time capsule” Photo

On your last day, gather some memorable items from your trip: local currency, the wine glass from dinner last night, seashells, your plane tickets, your wedding rings, whatever. Arrange them with artistic flare and snap a photo from different angles. This makes for a cute-framed photo and will bring back a lot of memories.

6. Snap A Photo For Your Thank-You Cards

You’ll be way to busy on your honeymoon to even THINK about thank you cards, but it would be cute to take a meaningful photo on the honeymoon to include in the card…carve “Thank You” in a beautiful tree, write it in the sand in the beach, take a romantic sunset shot and photoshop the text in later.

7. Think Back To The Future

Your honeymoon destination will always hold a special place in your heart. You may return someday for an anniversary or a second honeymoon. Find a memorable spot to snap a photo of the two of you and remember the exact location (use the GPS on your camera, phone or tablet) and then recreate the exact same photo when you return on some future date for a romantic getaway.

We hope these honeymoon photo tips have been useful. Remember to get some fun, relaxed shots and well as posed photos. Take some scenic shots, but remember to get plenty of pictures of the two of you together. Don’t be afraid to take too many shots, it’s better to have too many than not enough. And even take some silly shots to make you laugh. You want these memories to last forever.

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Now that you have these helpful honeymoon photo tips, relax, kick back, grab your camera and have a honeymoon to remember! Don’t forget to pack the sunscreen!