Top Things To Include On Your Wedding Day Checklist


One of the best ways to avoid feeling like you’ve forgotten some important detail on your wedding day is to put together a wedding day checklist. Your checklist can be as detailed as you like and can even incorporate the timelines for various tasks. It’s completely up to you what to include on your list, but there are some things that should be on every bride’s wedding day checklist.

1. Bridal Accessories & Wedding Jewelry

Your bridal accessories and wedding jewelry are important parts of your wedding clothing, so make sure you’ve got them on your wedding day checklist. Make sure you put them with your wedding clothing, in a pouch in your makeup bag or lay them out in a place where you can’t miss them, then consult your checklist before leaving for the ceremony.


2. Wedding Vows

If you’re planning on writing your wedding vows, as many couples are deciding to do, don’t forget to bring them along.  Don’t think that you’ll be able to wing it when the time comes unless you’re really amazing at improvisation and speaking in public. Once they’re ready, keep them in a safe place until the big day, and then give them to your maid of honor, your officiant or your groom to hold until you need them.  Putting the vows on your wedding day checklist will ensure they don’t get left at home.


3. Wedding Lingerie

Having gorgeous lingerie under your wedding gown can give you an extra boost of confidence.  Make sure you don’t forget it if you’re getting dressed at the venues rather than at home.  Put it on your wedding day checklist along with your wedding jewelry and bridal accessories.


4. Wedding Programs

By creating programs for your wedding ceremony, you’ll be helping your guests follow the events and introducing them to all the people who helped make your wedding possible. They should be distributed before the ceremony, as early in the day as possible. You’ll have lots of other things going on, so delegate the distribution to a close friend or relative, or even a member of the wedding party.


5. Dancing Playlist & Wedding Music

If your reception is going to be in a different venue than your ceremony, and especially if your guests will have to drive for any length of time longer than 15 minutes or so, it’s important to keep your guests enthusiastic and in a party mood on the drive. You can make individual CDs to hand out, or you can share your wedding music playlist with your friends and family before the big day.

6. Rounding Out The List

Your wedding day checklist could also include any extras you need to remember, such as cash for tipping entertainers and staff, any props you’d like to use in your wedding photos and ensuring that you’ve got all the little things you’ll need on your big day.

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7 Things Brides Can Get Away With On Wedding Day

If there’s ever a time to play by your own rules, it’s probably on your wedding day.  Your big day is a time when you can get away with a lot more than you normally would, so it’s a great time to let loose a little. However, you have to make sure to keep yourself in line; no one likes an out-of-control bride!

1. Drinking A Mimosa… Or Two

Having a little champagne first thing in the morning probably isn’t something you usually do,but on your wedding day, you can get away with it. If anyone raises an eyebrow, just play your pre-wedding jitters card: “It’s helping calm my nerves!”


2. Abstaining From Manual Labor

On every other day of the year, you leave your house carrying a bag that you fondly call “The Black Hole”. However, on your wedding day, you can probably leave everything to someone else. Appoint your maid of honor to make sure your emergency bag gets to the venue, and leave your hands free for your bouquet and a flute of champagne. If you must, carry a small clutch with a few select essentials; something you can carry easily is absolutely a must.

3. Creating A Scene

When arriving on your wedding day, don’t be afraid to make a spectacular entrance. Whether you’re arriving via helicopter, limo or bicycle, you can definitely get away with any extravagant entrance your heart desires.


 4. Enjoying Your Entourage

With your bridesmaids, flower girls, groomsmen and probably a few more, you’ve got a whole posse surrounding you on your wedding day. Enjoy it while you can!

5. Requiring A Restroom Assistant

On your wedding day, you’re going to be wearing a very elaborate dress that will be completely unfamiliar to you. There is no shame in needing a little assistance in the restroom when you’re dealing with layers and trains and veils, so make sure you always have a bridesmaid or two to help you out.


6. Public Displays Of Affection

While you may not be the most demonstrative couple, on your wedding day, you’ll probably find that you can’t help holding on to your new spouse and planting many kisses on their lips throughout your big day. Getting married is a heady event, and those wedding day public displays of affection are both beautiful and spontaneous.

7. Making Short Work Of Finger Food

Leading up to your big day, you’ve probably been depriving yourself of food to make sure the dress fits. However, now that the ceremony is over, don’t worry about diving into whatever happens to come your way. Your energy will be a lot higher if you keep yourself nourished, and you’ve definitely earned a splurge day!