For every new bridesmaid, as well as everyone who has at least five bridesmaids’ dresses hanging in the dry cleaning bags in the depths of your closet, knowing the bridesmaids’ etiquette rules is an essential part of helping the bride through her big day.  If your bridesmaids are blissfully unaware of the etiquette of their positions, it might be time to clue them in.

1. The MIA Bridesmaid

As a bride, one of the most annoying things your bridesmaids can do is to leave you high and dry while they are missing in action. Maybe they aren’t getting back to you when you text or email, or they fail to show up at important events like dress fittings and helping with making favors. Whatever is going on, it is a huge breach of bridesmaids etiquette to leave you hanging.

For bridesmaids that are slacking off on your duties, beware of being replaced! Your friend (aka “The Bride”) has enough on her mind without dealing with your shenanigans. You don’t have to drop everything in your life every time the bride snaps her fingers, but she has every right to expect appropriate replies to messages and attention to the details which have been entrusted to you. If you can’t be there for whatever reason, it’s only polite to let her know so that she can make a different choice.


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