From boring, traditional booklet-types, wedding programs have grown to incorporate various styles, colors, themes and decor.  Your wedding programs could be pamphlets, gilded note cards or thoughtful, funny or poignant newsletters.  Your programs can reflect your style and taste exactly, but here’s what you need to consider when making choices about your wedding programs.


One of the first things you’ll have to decide is how your wedding programs will be formatted.  As with every other element of your wedding, your wedding programs should fit in well with the theme you’ve chosen, and it should also represent you and your groom well.  More traditional formats, such as booklets, would be more appropriate for formal weddings, while a single page might be more appropriate for more informal or intimate events.  No matter which format you decide to use, pairing your program with an elegant monogrammed envelope can add a touch of sophistication and make your wedding programs better keepsakes for your guests.

Wedding Programs Style

When creating your wedding programs, be sure to use the same stock you chose for your invitations in order to establish a cohesive theme for all of your wedding stationary.  Your colors should be reflected in your wedding programs, too.  Some details you might take into account include the season, your decor and your flowers.

If your wedding is going to be formal, you might consider a script-type font.  For weddings that are more informal or have a more fun theme, try various fun, but easily-readable, fonts.  If you’re really creative, you can try designing your own typeface for a wow factor that’s sure to impress your guests.  Along with the font, details of your wedding programs will also be very important and may include tassels, dried or fresh flowers, and fabrics with prints, traditional seals made of wax, pieces of twine or even your family crest.

Program Content

Consider a simple monogram for the front of the program, possibly gilded, or an elegant listing of the ceremony details.  After designing the front cover, you’ll need to move inside to the Order of Events, where every event during your wedding is laid out in great detail, from the seating of important family members clear through to the recessional; the Order of Events is an extremely important part of your wedding programs.

The bridal party and any other friends or family who are participating in any capacity should be included in the attendants’ list.  Some brides choose to list relationships and roles next to the names in the attendants’ list in order to let the guests know who the attendants are and why they’re important.  You might also consider, if you have the extra time and funds, having illustrations of the members of your wedding party completed and included in your wedding programs.  The back cover of your program could possibly feature a short tribute to deceased friends and family.