The Different Types of Bridesmaids bridesmaids looking at the bride

The 9 Types Of Bridesmaids You’ll Find At The Wedding


Just like brides and even grooms, friends and acquaintances, bridesmaids come in different shapes and sizes. In every group of people, you will find a mix of different personalities and characters. This is the same for types of bridesmaids.

From the strict perfectionist, to the fun one that’s always up for a party and the one that’s always running late, you are bound to find different types at every wedding celebration. With this mix of people, each one has strengths and weaknesses that come together to make for quite an interesting experience. If you are wondering which types you might have among your girl pals, then allow us take you through our list of types of bridesmaids for every wedding.

The Type-A Bridesmaid

This type of bridesmaid is on top of everything related to your wedding planning and she can be a gem to have, because she is great and coordinating and being in charge. However, you may run into problems with her because she is inflexible. Get ahead of things by giving her a list of things to do instead of letting her have her way.

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The Fun Single and Ready to Mingle Bridesmaid

This is the bridesmaid who is the life of the party and doesn’t mind being matched up with any eligible bachelor at your wedding. Enjoy her fun energy, but watch that she doesn’t get totally wasted at your party.


The Prim and Proper Bridesmaid

This extremely organized bridesmaid will do the job of your wedding coordinator if you let her. And if you trust her enough to, why not? She will make sure everything is going according to plan and keep everyone in check. Even better, she is not as controlling as your type A bridesmaid.


The Life Saver Bridesmaid

This bridesmaid is a problem solver. And in a world where you could luck out and have a bunch of crazy bridesmaids instead, this person is worth having at your side to help with your stream bridesmaids.


The Emotional Bridesmaid

She will cry from joy when you tell her about your upcoming wedding, cry when she hears your vows. And she might even get a bit teary eyed during your entire ceremony. She is the emotional bridesmaid.

The Easy to Please Bridesmaid

This is one cool cucumber. This laid back and easy to please individual will give you no problem during your wedding planning and the day of the ceremony itself. You will hear a lot of yes’s from this bridesmaid and she won’t complain about the style or size of her dress or fit of her shoe. She is a pleasing person all around.


The Friend Who is Like a Sister Bridesmaid

This might be your closest friend and the one who knows you the most. She might even be your chief bridesmaid for this very reason. She is the one you tell all your problems to and lean on support throughout this period.

The Always Running Late Bridesmaid

This person never sticks to a schedule, and you might already know her for this. So, all you will have to do is be patient and continue to forgive her, because her running late wouldn’t change just because you are getting married. She will be unable to keep up with the other bridesmaids running time.


The Hard to Please Bridesmaid

A complete antithesis to the easy to please bride, you will hear a lot from this particular bridesmaid. She is sure to complain about everything, from her dress to the venue, and perhaps even the groomsmen. Do not expect her to stop being her sour self just because It is your day.

There is a whole range of personalities you can expect from different types of bridesmaids, even more than we have listed. However, these are some of the quirks you can expect from people you have chosen to assist you during your wedding. If you are a minecraft bride and are able to use their unique characters to your advantage, you can be sure to have a great time.