5 Dreamy Honeymoons That You Can Definitely Afford


Dreamy honeymoon can end up being a significant part of your entire wedding budget. However, you don’t have to make sacrifices where. Here is our selection of very affordable honeymoon places.

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1. Dublin Ireland: Top City For Dreamy Honeymoon

This is a dreamy location for a city honeymoon. Couples can begin their journey at the Butlers Town House hotel that offers a budget-friendly rate of about $150 per night. The hotel is near bars, fine restaurants, and the rugby stadium. Next, take in the luxury accommodations of the Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel which is the finest 18th-century castle you’ll ever envision. Nightly rates begin at about $200 but the cost is easily defined the moment you step inside the door. Enjoy delicious seafood at The Lobster Pot and fine scones and cakes for which the city is famous. Honeymooners can enjoy shopping, walking tours and romantic scenery. The Ha’penny Bridge is a must-see for every couple and it’s a staple for its romantic ambiance. Remember to pack an umbrella, sweater, and sunscreen because the weather is spontaneous.

Source: Jeff Nyveen, Josh Trefethen, Mark G.


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