12 Ways To Make Your Bridesmaids Happy


Weddings are a wonderful celebration of life, love and friends. Brides find their closest friends and ask them to join in their special day. The bridesmaids are an essential part of everything great during the wedding and should be shown just how special they are to the bride. These tips will help brides give their bridesmaids the special treatment they deserve.

1. Stage The Invite

There is no need to break the bank on this part but make the invitation to join you a special one. Create an email blast or text message that shows them how much it would mean to have them stand by your side as you marry the man you love. It’s sort of your proposal to them and they’ll appreciate the time and effort you put into the moment.

2. Create A Bond

There may be bridesmaids who aren’t familiar with each other in the wedding party. Make attempts to join those who don’t know each other so they can truly feel that they are a team in the events leading up to the big day. It only makes your day more special.

3. Gushing Moments

Occasionally mention small details of the planning process with members of the bridesmaids club. Bring them into your vision and make them feel special along the way. This is an important part of their role in helping to make sure your day is complete. They need to know what you expect in order to make sure things are going as they should. Plus, they’ll appreciate you caring enough to include them in the planning.

4. Distant Or Destination Wedding?

If your wedding is out of town or a great distance away, always consider the position of the bridesmaids. Remember to assess the amount they will be required to spend in travel and discuss this with them in the beginning. If possible, help out with certain aspects of cost.

5. Mixed Attire

Your bridesmaids are different in several ways and their personalities are surely not the same. Consider this when selecting their dresses and let them become involved with the selection process. Not every bride will look the same in a single dress. Choose dresses that flatter their shape and style. Making them feel comfortable shows that you care about them and they are special to you.

6. If The Shoes Fit

As a bride, it should be important to you that your bridesmaids feel comfortable. Spend a day in their shoes, literally. Take some time to strut around in the shoes that you’ve selected for them to wear. If they don’t feel good to you, they won’t feel good to them. Give them comfort and style that they’ll love you for.

7. Scheduling Details

Provide a detailed itinerary of the wedding day plans and be sure to disclose exactly what part they are required to play in each moment. This clears up any misconception and keeps down nerves and confusion during the big day.

8. Special Gifts

Make your bridesmaids gifts something special and truly personal. This means gifting them with items that fit their individual personalities. It shows that you put time and effort into the gift and really appreciate all they are doing for you.

9. The Introduction

The reception is a great place to introduce your bridesmaids to family and friends. There are some guests and family members who don’t know them and it’s in good taste to make them known. This is the perfect time to express personal thanks to them for sharing in your day.

10. Pampered Moments

Set aside a day to relax and enjoy your bridesmaids. Suggest manis, pedis and cocktails for those who will join in the day. It doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on spas but make it a special time of food, fun and convo.

11. Assigned Tasks

Give them a day of tasks to complete in an effort to help with the wedding. They will feel really useful and appreciated at the same time. The contribution makes them feel that they were an asset to the big day.

12. Feed Them!

This should be fairly obvious but give those girls food to eat throughout the day. Not a meal, simply snacks and drinks such as water, juice and other light eats.