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12 Tips For Happy Bridesmaids You Can Easily Use


The group of girls you choose as your bridesmaids should be your nearest and dearest. These girls will help you as you plan for your big day. Most of all, they will be with you from beginning to end on the wedding day.
This is why it is important to show them the same love and respect that you hope to receive from them. We are here to help with such little decisions as bridesmaid getting ready outfits and much more. Meet the bridesmaids’ ideas for keeping your bridal party happy, because happy bridesmaids can go a long way in making a happy bride.

If you are wondering something even as little as to how to ask my bridesmaids to be in my wedding, follow the simple guidelines below to ensure that your relationship with these girls is strengthened and remains unscathed even after you say, “I do”.

12 Tips For Happy Bridesmaids


Choose carefully

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Don’t jump the gun when choosing your bridesmaids, be careful when selecting who should be with you throughout the process. While you may have dreamed up a unique number for your wedding support group, it’s not too big of a deal if you end up choosing a less amount, but who belongs in your most inner circle.


How to introduce the bridal party

If your girls are unacquainted with each other or live in separate locations, find a way to introduce them all. You could use a lunch, dinner date or even a skype call so everyone gets comfy and the ice is broken.


Choose bridesmaids dresses carefully

It can not be overemphasized that the dress matters. So it is important to have a few style options, and invite your girls to choose. They all have different tastes and different body types, so their input is important, especially as they will be the ones wearing these dresses all day long.



Pay for their dress if possible

Not everyone can be as eager for your wedding as you are, and these ladies must already have other commitments and expenses. So, if you cannot assist in paying for their dresses, pay for the part if possible. This will go a long way in showing that you care about them too and not just about your big day.

Let them choose their own dresses

Bridesmaids dresses are quite expensive and are usually only worn once. Another step you can take in making your bridesmaids happy is to let them choose their own dresses. You could decide on the proposed color and perhaps fabric for uniformity, but each can choose the style that best fits her.


Consider their budgets

Money has been known to create a lot of problems. To stay away from disagreements, try to gauge their budgets for your wedding and stay within those lines. Don’t give any of your bridesmaids more than they can handle for your event.

Pick your battles

There are bound to be disagreements over the course of the wedding planning, bachelorette party, logistics, and whatnot. Not everything is worth the hassle or stress, so pick your battles carefully and be considerate of each of their choices and decisions.


Gift giving, what to give bridesmaids when asking

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A way to say thank you and to show your bridesmaids that they are truly appreciated is to give them gifts. If you are wondering what to get bridesmaids, it’s not so difficult. Matching tees at your party or gift cards to a spa and thoughtful party favors. It is always the thought that counts.

Give them a schedule

Don’t expect that they know exactly what should be done and when, and then get angry when things do not get done. One of the best ways to ask bridesmaids to do something is to give them an up to the minute schedule of what should be done, when and by whom. This makes everything much easier.


Don’t fill their calendar

While your bridesmaids might be at your service for this period of time, remember that they have their own lives too. Consider that they have families, other commitments and jobs, so try not to take up all of their time, allow them time for theirs too.

Allow each a plus-one

Asides gift-giving, this is another way to show that your bridesmaids are appreciated. It is not fun attending a wedding solo, so allow your girls each bring their significant other along to celebrate with you.


Show your gratitude

This you can do by saying thank you, often. These ladies are taking out their time and money to facilitate your wedding, mostly for free and because they love you. Your gratitude will cost you nothing and will mean everything. Always remember to say thank you.

Your bridesmaids will be the backbone of your wedding throughout this process, from cake tasting to dress shopping, your bachelorette party, and ultimately your wedding. They will do this freely and because they want to see you happy and with the one you love. So do what you can to return the favor, to have happy bridesmaids.