Wedding Nail Care: 10 Need-To-Know Do’s And Dont’s For Perfect Nails

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Nail Care Tips for Healthy And Gorgeous Wedding Day Nails
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Nail care of the hands and feet is often overlooked by people who don’t know better. But if you plan to wed anytime soon, this is an important box to tick. Having a perfect manicure and pedicure, always and not only for the wedding is a lifesaver. This is because from the proposal till months after marriage, you’d flaunt your fingers a lot.



Proposal pictures, engagement ring selfies, wedding ring pictures, think it, the whole nine yards. So, get a regular manicure, practice healthy nail habits, and go with the perfect wedding nails for the bride. These include length, shapes, colors, and styles.

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From gel French manicure short nails to French tip nails, there is a lot to learn with wedding pedicure and manicure. It is as important as your dress, décor, accessories, hair, and make-up. You don’t want to turn up embarrassed, hence, see some dos and don’ts to guide you.

Wedding Nail Care


Do Pamper Those Nails

Great bride nails do not come overnight, you create it. Take great care of your hands and feet from about 6 to 4 weeks before the wedding. Know all the right and essential manicure tips.

Invest in creams, moisturizers, and masks that are ideal for your skin type. Draft a plan that will enhance the looks of your natural nails before your wedding day.


Don’t Weaken Your Nails

As much as you can, desist from exposing your nails to elements that can weaken them… Observe nail care when in contact with water of any form. Get a pair of protective rubber gloves to save the nails from long contact with water during house chores.

Keep your nails always manicured, don’t bite them, or upset the cuticles. Invest in some gums instead.


Do Start A Regular Manicure And Pedicure Routine

If you’re not in the habit of having regular manicure and pedicure, the time is now. Once every month, visit the salon or get a home mani-pedi kit to DIY. Take out the dead skin around the cuticle of the hands and toenails.

This makes them look healthy and attractive. Bath them in cuticle balm to enhance their growth and strength. This is one of the top tip nails guide for everyone.


Don’t Get A Manicure Gel Or Dip Too Long Before Wedding

It’s best to get the dip and gel French manicures about a day or two before the wedding. This is because anything longer than that will not work. They begin to lose their shine in a few days, which is their beauty.

This will mean the bride doing a retouch or flaunting dull looking nails on the wedding day. So, leave the wedding manicure till a day before the wedding at best.

Do A Trial Run Before The D-Day

You want your wedding manicure to be perfect for the big day. A week or two weeks before the wedding isn’t the best time to run tests. If you’re fascinated by French manicure gel, acrylic, or shellac you see in pictures, test them a month before.

This also goes for polishes, as you should test many shades to see which fits best. Get familiar with them, so that they will feel comfortable. If they are not comfortable, then you still have enough time to try out something perfect.


Don’t Get Too Adventurous

Most brides love the idea of bling, lengths, and nail styles that are okay on a normal day. But for the wedding, consider the ring, dress, and theme color. Short nails with square tips or almond-shaped medium length nails are the best for a wedding.

They are timeless and have a way of elongating the fingers. Keep the crystals minimal, so it doesn’t take the attention off your ring. For the feet, a nude pedicure is the best, as bold pastels grab all the attention.

Do Bring Your Own Favorite Polish

Stepping out for your wedding manicure and pedicure? Do so with your bottles of chosen nail polish, even if the nail technician has it. You don’t want to get the rude shock of “it is not available at the moment, ma’am”. Please, can you manage this? It’s almost the same color. It may also happen that what the technician has is an old stock which could chip off your nails with ease.


Don’t Buy Only A Bottle Of Polish

Once you decide to go with polish rather than gel, then find your perfect color. Once you do that, stock up enough to do ten bridal nails. One bottle for the wedding manicure at the salon, and another for a wedding emergency kit. Don’t forget to prepare for the honeymoon. Your nails should stay beautiful.

Do Prepare A Backup

When you decide on what bride nails to do, prepare for backup. They could break, or chip on the wedding day, so have a full nail emergency kit nearby. They should have essentials like glue, polish, and creams.


Don’t Lose It On Manicure

Getting your nails manicured is a great thing to do, but they have their disadvantages. The effects of products used for nails may not be beneficial to the nails in the long run. They could ruin the nail structure. Hence, use only organic products, and stay away from cheap nail polish and artificial nails. They pose a huge risk to infections.

Here we have 10 top tip nails guide to help you prepare your nails for a wedding. But even after the wedding, nail care is essential to keep people healthy in general. The nails come in contact with a million things on a daily basis and still go into the mouth. So, for a wedding, get the perfect manicure to complement your ring and dress. Now you know how to manicure, keep the nails healthy going forward.