Nail Care Tips For Healthy And Gorgeous Wedding Day Nails


Between your engagement and your wedding day, more pictures of your hands will be taken than at any other time during your life, and you will want your nails to look gorgeous and well-cared-for in the images of you displaying your ring and clutching your bouquet. If you are looking to grow beautiful wedding day nails in time for the big day, remember:

1. Respect Your Nails

Historically, fingernails have been used for prying, digging, slicing, and clawing. Now that we have developed tools, however, it’s time to let your nails rest. Using your fingernails as a screwdriver, shovel, scissors, or tweezers can weaken them and make them more susceptible to breakage; this is the opposite of what you want if you are working your way up to wedding day nails. Keep tools on hand and use them where needed.

2. Avoid Weakening The Nail

Keeping your nails out of your mouth and away from extended soaking is the best way to ensure that they stay strong and smooth. Wear rubber gloves when you do dishes to keep dishwater and harsh detergents from soaking into your nails and degrading the strength of the proteins. If you are a nail biter, invest in gum or something else to chew on, or work on solving the source of your anxiety to keep the biting at bay.

3. Remember To Moisturize

Keeping your nails clean is good, but be wary of soaps and cleaners that can strip away the natural oils of your hands and leave your nails dry and flaky. Apply lotion liberally, especially after washing your hands, and apply cuticle oil or balm to stimulate growth and strength. To step up your game for your wedding day nails, you can use natural supplements such as omega oils and folic acid to increase your body’s keratin and oil production and strengthen the keratin that makes up your nails.

4. Be Gentle

When taking care of your nails, make sure to avoid caustic chemicals and aggressive maintenance. Like any part of your body, fingernails do not take kindly to being ruthlessly modified. Do not push back or trim your cuticles, as this can open your nail to infection and lead to peeling skin and hangnails around the nail. When filing, use a smooth file in a gentle motion, moving in one direction only.

5. Beware The Manicure

While manicures seem like they would be beneficial for your beautiful wedding day nails, the chemicals used in these processes can wear down your nails and weaken their underlying structure. If you want to have your nails taken care of professionally, make sure that your spa uses natural or organic products, which are less likely to do lasting damage to your nails. Try to avoid fake nails and cheap polishes, as these can seal moisture and bacteria against your nail, weakening the nail’s construction and putting you at risk for infection.