things your bridesmaids want you to know

Things Your Bridesmaids Want You To Know


Your bridesmaids are probably some of your best friends and closest family members. They’ve been there for you through thick and thin and they love you very much. They’re happy to be a part of your big day, but they may not know exactly how to say it. Here are some things your bridesmaids want you to know but haven’t been able to tell you.

1. You Have Their Attention

Your bridesmaids want you to know that they’re paying attention and waiting for you to tell them what you expect from them. Your bridesmaids aren’t mind-readers.  Remember that they’re there to help you, but you have to tell them what you want from them. Your bridesmaids will be glad to help you out with anything you need, from welcoming guests from out of town to running simple (or complex) errands to here you up for other tasks. Making sure you’ve told your bridesmaids what you expect is a great way to avoid extra stress and unnecessary frustration.

2. Be Proud Of Them

When you’re inviting other women to your wedding, make sure you tell them all about your bridesmaids, especially if they might think they have a shot at being in your wedding party.  Speak up for your bridesmaids.They want you to know that they’re proud of standing up with you and they want you to be proud they’re standing up with you, too. Your bridesmaids want you to know that bragging about them is much appreciated! This also alleviates any awkwardness between your bridesmaids and your other friends who weren’t chosen (make sure to be as nice about not choosing someone as possible).

3. They’re Happy For You

When things start to go off the tracks with wedding planning and tasks, it can be easy to slip into thinking that others are just jealous and trying to ruin your day.  Your bridesmaids want you to know that they’re just as excited about your wedding plans as you are, and they wouldn’t do anything to intentionally mess things up.  Don’t just assume that your bridesmaids are being malicious when something goes wrong.  Remember, they’re your friends. They love you and want to see you happy!

4. Pretty Dresses Are Good!

Your bridesmaids want you to know that they would greatly appreciate dresses that are flattering and pretty. They don’t want to take the spotlight off of you, of course, but they also don’t want to wear something that looks like it was rejected from a 1970s prom. It’s not really that big of a deal to choose different dresses for your bridesmaids, either. This is especially true if you have bridesmaids that vary widely in height, weight or coloring. Take into account your colors and theme, and choose something for each bridesmaid that will be flattering and make her feel great when she’s standing up with you.