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18 Wonderful Tropical Wedding Decor Ideas


Tropical wedding: bright and original. Everyone wants warmth, sun, sea behind the window and a white sandy beach under their feet. The atmosphere of hot tropics with their picturesque landscapes and bright colors, exotic flowers and fruits – is not the subject for an unusual wedding celebration. You can find the best tropical wedding décor ideas in our gallery.


Photo 1-3: Wedding Reception Decoration

Source: Emily Delamater via instagram, Kathrin Krok PhotographyPablo Laguia Photography


Photo 4-6: Ceremony Décor

Source: Taylor Abeel PhotographyGretchen Bell PhotographyAlicia Thurston Photography


Photo 7-9: Tropical Centerpiece

Source: Roy Nuesca Photography, Janelle C. Photography via instagram, Hamilton Multimedia Weddings via instagram


Photo 10-12: Table Décor Ideas

Source: Bulb Creative Gold Coast Wedding Photography, Studio Baron Photo via instagram, Krista Mason Photography via instagram


Photo 13-15: Setting Place

Source: Aaron & Jillian Photography via instagram, Gray Door Photography  Maui Wedding Planner via instagram

Photo 16-18: Chair Tropical Wedding Décor

Source: Ryan Photo via instagram, Sage Hammond PhotographyWE Photography