Wedding Flowers For Your Personality


Finding the right wedding flowers for your personality doesn’t have to be difficult. There are all kinds of flowers in the world. Being a bride means getting to choose exactly the right ones to make your big day perfect.

1. For the Sweet, Sensitive Bride

If you’re a dreamer who enjoys looking for the sentimental story of your life, you’re a sweet, sensitive bride whose wedding flowers should reflect your romantic nature. Poppies are popular because they represent a happy marriage, while lavender denotes devotion and love. Dahlias and phlox are great options for sweetly sensitive brides, as well. Dahlias proudly say “forever thy love!” while phlox is a symbol of the union of two hearts.


2. For the Comedienne in White

If you’re a bride that truly enjoys finding the fun and silliness in everything, you deserve wedding flowers that make people smile as much as you do. Bright and colorful Gerbera daisies and sunflowers are fun, frivolous options. For your centerpieces, try bright posies in fun vases.


3. For the DIY Bride

Any DIY bride who wants to have an especially meaningful bouquet might decide to grow her own flowers and fashion her own bouquet. If this sounds like you, try starting with annuals that are hardy and resilient; these include cornflowers and nigella, as well as ammi majus. Perennials such as astralantia, hydrangeas and phlox also make great wedding flowers for the DIY bride.


4. For the Jet-Setting Bride

If traveling to fun and exciting destinations sounds like a great time to you, your wedding flowers can represent a wide variety of destinations, just like the souvenirs you’ve picked up along the way. Tulips from Holland make an excellent choice, as do Japanese cherry blossoms and Provence lavender. Asian orchids also offer an exotic choice for the jet-setting bride. Whichever flowers you choose, they can celebrate places you’ve been or those you want to visit.


5. For the Trendy Visionary Bride

If you are a bride who is well-versed in fashion trends and stays ahead of “the next big thing” for next season, your wedding is likely to be a cutting-edge affair. You’ll be incorporating the latest trends for flowers, colors and running with the hottest reception ideas. Your bouquet will reflect the most forward-thinking visions of this season’s fashions and next season’s hottest trends, which means the inclusion of air plants and succulents in your wedding flowers.

6. For the Vintage Bride

If you want to recapture the days of the past, whether it’s the Flower Power of the ‘60s and ‘70s or the dainty, Lacey look of the ‘20s, you’ll need to look to old photos and do a little research. Your wedding flowers will reflect whichever decade you desire, giving your wedding and flowers a unique look that draws on both the inspiration of the past and the hope of the present.

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