Wedding Lighting Trends & Ideas


There are so many decor options for a wedding that you may not ascribe much importance in regard to choosing one over another. Choosing a color palette and deciding on centerpieces are important parts of deciding on the décor for your wedding, but the one thing that has more of an impact on the tone of your wedding than anything else is the wedding lighting you choose.  Choosing your lighting scheme is about more than just making sure there’s light in a room.  It is the perfect way to establish exactly the mood and environment that will transform your wedding from merely beautiful to truly breathtaking.

1. Classic Chandeliers

Chandeliers have recently gained popularity for the nearly endless ways they can be used to light a wedding in a unique and subtle way. From groups of them gathered in wedding tents to single chandeliers suspended at intervals throughout trees to provide a sophisticated, enchanting look, chandeliers are being used in new ways.


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