The Best Wedding Nails 2019 Trends


We have collected wedding nails 2019 ideas based on the Instagram trends. In our gallery you will find the most popular ideas like ombre, geometric, french, with rhinestones and other nail designs. Look through our gallery of best wedding manicure in 2019 to be in trend!


Photo 1-3: White Nail Designs

Source: via Instagramkadyntseva_nails via via Instagram


Photo 4-6: Add Some Colors

Source: martini__nails via Instagrammartini__nails via Instagrammz.nailart via Instagram


Photo 7-9: Nude Nails With Gentle Flowers And Leaves

Source: sveta_liber_nail via Instagramsveta_liber_nail via Instagramkangannynails via Instagram


Photo 10-12: Original Nail Designs With Rhinestones

Source: glebova.m.e via Instagramamur_nails via Instagramvictoria_nails_samara via Instagram


Photo 13-15: Trendy Gradient Wedding Nails 2019

Source: id_nails_space via Instagramnailarts.irina.markova via Instagramid_nails_space via Instagram

Photo 16-18: Lovely Pink Designs

Source: nails_masters via Instagramglebova.m.e via Instagramnuanail via Instagram


Photo 19-21: Inspiring Wedding Designs

Source: kangannynails via Instagramolya.nail39 via Instagramdeni_sova_nails via Instagram

Photo 22-24: Perfect Nails With Golden Touch

Source: evgeniya__nails via Instagramsafinailstudio via Instagramtanyachentsova via Instagram


Photo 25-27: Stylish French Nails Ideas

Source: via Instagramlaurabadura via Instagramid_nails_space via Instagram

Photo 28-30: Gentle Flowers On Bridal Nails

Source: kangannynails via Instagramzhenya_borisova via Instagramflower_nails via Instagram