Wedding Stationery Essentials – Programs, Place Cards, Menus & Guest Books


Paying attention to the details of your wedding will make it memorable, beautiful and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. One of the most important details, when you’re planning your wedding, is making sure your wedding stationery essentials complement your unique style. Having the right wedding stationery can tie your entire ceremony together; making it into the wonderful fairytale you always dreamed of.

1. The Wedding Programs

Wedding programs are listed as wedding stationery essentials because they give your guests important information about your bridal party, ceremony and who will be involved in speaking or reading at your wedding. These details help keep your guests engaged and interested in the festivities.

You can choose designs that will resonate throughout your wedding, specific colors to match your wedding colors, and styles ranging from subtly elegant to boldly modern to beautifully traditional. Your wedding program should match the other elements of your wedding to provide a cohesive and polished feel.

2. Place Cards

Definitely, one of the wedding stationery essentials, wedding place cards is sometimes forgotten or relegated to the sidelines. Place cards have just as vital a role in your wedding as do programs and menus. You spent hours perfecting your seating chart, and place cards are essential for having it work out correctly. There are many fashionable and fun ways to display your place cards, so choosing the right way is an important decision that will start with the place cards themselves. Place cards should always match or complement your other wedding stationery essentials.

3. Wedding Menus

Wedding menus are a great way to tie everything together by complementing both the place cards and the programs. If possible, all of your wedding stationery should match, from thank you cards to invitations, menus, place cards and more. If you can order them all and have them printed at the same time, it works out even better, because the ink batch used for your printing will remain the same throughout, giving all of your stationary an identical matches on both ink colors and cardstock. Using the same font and layout style for wedding menus and programs is essential to tying everything together and giving your wedding the additional elegance that comes from attention to detail.

4. The Guest Book

Guest books are an essential part of weddings, providing the couple with a tangible token of their wedding day, signed by all their guests. Creating a photo guest book gives the couple pictures of the lead-up to their wedding. Most commonly, these guest books include candid shots of events like the bridal shower, the bachelor and bachelorette parties, shopping for the dress and others, transforming it into a chronicle of the wedding process. It lets guests get to know the couple better and makes a great gift for them after the wedding.