Bohemian style is becoming increasingly popular. Boho wedding reception is always individuality, chic and it is easy to create. Boho is new rustic! Nothing decorates a bohemian wedding table better then table runner that give a special celebratory atmosphere. Our bohemian table runner gallery incorporate the best ideas for your inspiration. Enjoy watching!

Photo 1-3: Crepe Bohemian Table Runner Ideas

Source: Phindy Studios, Ashley Rae Photography, Nadine Berns Photography

Photo 4-6: Trendy Dip Dye Technique Table Runners

Source: Nichols Photographers, Amanda Lenhardt PhotographyStockroom Vintage via Facebook

Photo 7-9: Boho Chic Macrame Table Runners

Source: Forester Fotógrafos, Elizabeth Wells Photography, Imaj Gallery

Photo 10-12: Bright Wedding Table Runner Ideas

Source: Andi Mans Photography, Angie Diaz Photography, Jade + Matthew Take Pictures

Photo 13-15: Greenery And Flowers Table Runner Ideas

Source: Schultz Photography, Christine Williams, Amber Gress

Photo 16-18: Vintage Lace Table Runner For Boho Wedding

Source: Chris & Kristen Photography, Finch Photography, Octaviaplus Klaus