You are getting married! Congratulations! With all the other things you have to do before the big day, don’t forget about bridal beauty! You want to look as good as you possibly can on your big day. After all, you will be the focus of many pictures!

About Half A Year Before The Big Day

Start a relaxation regimen. Take one night a week to do anything, but talk about the wedding. This could be a night out or a night in, whichever is more relaxing for you. This is a small way to ensure your bridal beauty.If you want to try a new hair style or color, this is the time for it. Talk with your stylist and start experimenting. Also, start taking care of your skin, if you don’t already. Stress can cause all kinds of skin problems and you want to look and feel your best.

Don’t forget your eating and drinking. Too much caffeine mixed with wedding stress can bring breakouts on your skin. Exercising is another way to make sure you are ready for your big day. It will help you work out some of your stress while strengthening and toning your body. Take a session or two with a trainer to jump start your routine.

There are many things out there that will help you relieve your tension, but few will do it while building strength and toning your body. Yoga is known for its stress relieving, as well. This may be a great way to ensure your bridal beauty.

If you’re serious about losing weight before your wedding, talk with your doctor and make a plan for nutrition as well as fitness. Set a logical weight-loss goal and meet it before the dress fittings. You’ll want to maintain your weight once the dress fittings begin. You may want to reconsider losing weight, as your guy thinks you look great just the way you are!


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