A wedding amounts to a lot of hard work. However, the task becomes easy with the entire family as well as your friends pitching in. Yet there are certain things that require you, the bride to decide alone. Sure, you are entitled to invite suggestions from your close friends on how to choose bridal lingerie pieces to impress your man but you and you alone know what appeals to him. It’s time to visit the most sexy lingerie shop in town in order to pick up several lacy, wispy bits of clothing that has the power of keeping your man firmly beside you. What should you do when you don’t have a clue about what to take and what to reject? Check out the classic as well as the modern styles ideas below and work full throttle towards pleasing your man.

1. Beautiful Lace

What about a strappy lace bra that is sure to get his heart racing? You may as well go the whole hog by opting for a pristine white lace camisole and panties set or settle for an entire body suit of handmade lace. There is no need to act virginal on your honeymoon though. So shun white, if you have been dating him for a while and go for the more sexy ivory, black or rose colors on your lacy under things.


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