The duties of a wedding planner vary from wedding to wedding. Sometimes, it’s more important for a wedding planner to attend to every tiny detail, and sometimes, their job is simply acting as support for a hands-on bride. This is one of the main reasons that becoming a wedding planner is an excellent choice for those who like varied work environments and tasks. At the very least, the wedding planner is responsible for performing an initial consultation and handling basic planning services.

1. The Consultation

A meeting between a wedding planner and their client is an important part of the duties of the wedding planner. This initial meeting will allow the planner to go over what the client (usually a bride, but possibly the engaged couple or another family member) is thinking in terms of the wedding theme, colors and other important aspects of the ceremony. It is up to the wedding planner to clearly understand who the true client is and to give more weight to their voice than any other.

During the consultation, the wedding planner will likely talk about the various service packages that are available and help the client choose the one that best fits their needs. Most wedding planners will probably have a couple of service options, the most common being the full service and service that is for the day of the ceremony only. It is the responsibility of the wedding planner to ensure the client understands what is included in each level of service.


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