While it has become more common among Americans to put off getting married and having children, new research shows this may actually lead to more stress and less satisfaction with life in general. There are several factors which are part of this phenomenon, but an early marriage may be better for your long-term personal happiness than postponing it until later. Here’s some startling information on the differences between getting married early and waiting until you’re older.

1. Blending Responsibilities

Many American couples have begun living together for long periods prior to getting married and delaying marriage until their later twenties and early thirties. When you wait until later in your life to get married, you may find yourself dealing with a lot of mixed responsibilities. At a time when you would normally be focusing on developing your career, you may also find yourself planning a wedding, getting pregnant and parenting very young children. Trying to develop a career when you’re also trying to focus on raising small children can be very trying, especially if you’ll be taking maternity leave or plan to stay home with your baby until they get to be school age.

1. Blending Responsibilities, Continued…

Waiting until you are older before you have children also increases the risk of certain birth defects. Among working mothers who had partners, nearly three-quarters of them said they didn’t have enough time with their partner when both worked full time. Many mothers reported not having the time to connect with their partners, while nearly half said they couldn’t spend enough time with their kids.

This may also be the time in your life that you’ll need to start caring for your parents, so beware postponing marriage too long. An early marriage can help you get your life settled and started before major life changes start hitting you.

2. Burning The Candle At Both Ends

Early marriage usually means having kids before your late twenties. This means that you’re still able to go full steam on only a few hours’ sleep, an ability that flees quickly once you hit thirty. If you’re working full time, you may have to burn the candle at both ends just to break even when you’ve got kids. This means that if they’ve got homework or you’ve fallen behind on household chores, you probably won’t be getting much sleep. That’s something you can handle a lot better before you hit thirty. It can also eat into your time for yourself, resulting in less balance in your life.


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