Your food budget for your reception will probably represent a big chunk of the costs associated with your wedding. While there are lists all over the place giving you advice on which foods to serve, this one is a little different. It’s a list of tips about choosing which foods not to serve at your reception.

1. It’s Not All About The Meat

You might be tempted to just serve a bunch of different meats and call it a day. Chocolate lovers might think that serving only chocolate would be a good idea, or all cheese if the couple happens to enjoy cheese, but none of these “mono-menus” is a good idea. There are going to be lots of people at your reception, and that means lots of different palates to accommodate. The cardinal rule to keep in mind when deciding what not to serve, is that you need to try to accommodate as many of your guests as possible. This includes guests with allergies and younger guests, too.


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