It can be a little intoxicating to think of having a huge wedding with hundreds of guests. Having everyone you know celebrate your wedding day with you may seem like a dream come true, but huge weddings can be a nightmare if you’re not prepared for them. There are lots of reasons that you might want a big wedding, but there are just as many great reasons to plan a small, intimate wedding instead.

1. Lower Cost

Quite simply, big weddings cost big bucks. Smaller weddings don’t have nearly the same price tag as do larger ones. Everything, from invitations to food and beyond is less expensive when you’re buying for fifteen guests instead of fifty. This means that, if you plan a more intimate wedding, you can afford higher-quality vendors, splurge a little more on your honeymoon or put the savings into a down payment on your own home. Keep in mind that some venues and vendors have minimum requirements that could cost you, even if your guest list isn’t that large.


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