Are you a contemporary bride that believes the rules of wedding etiquette are overrated in the invitation department? Relax, you are not alone and we have a great list of ideas to enhance your wedding invitation wording. Addressing the wedding invitations don’t have to follow a particular protocol. There is more than one way to address the invites and all that really matters is that it arrives in style. The important factor is that the full names of the bride and groom, host(s) of the event and the “request line” are all included on the invitation. Now that you know the basics of wedding invitation wording, here are a few ideas to give your invites the wow factor.

1. Relax The Parents’ Names

Omit adding proper surnames to the names of the parents. This is a very formal method that isn’t a requirement on the invites and it’s okay to not address the parents as Mr. or Mrs. Many parents find this to be appropriate in a casual wedding that is more relaxed or semi-formal.

John and Ella Martin
request the honor of your presence
at the wedding ceremony of their daughter
Amber Nicole Martin
Rodney Lake
son of
Richard and Beth Lake


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