Is your wedding taking place on a beautiful summer day with scorching hot temperatures? If so, there are likely ideas of cool summer drinks and snacks running through your head to add to the food menu. It’s important to have a menu that matches the occasion and reading our tips will help you decide which foods to serve and which ones to avoid on your wedding menu.

1. BBQ Ribs & Wings

Although a plate of barbecue ribs and wings would taste really good on any day, your wedding day may not be the best time to have them on the menu. The mess that can be created can put a damper on the photos and not to mention the décor of the venue. If a backyard barbecue is a must have, consider pork chops, chicken, briskets or any other options that can be enjoyed with utensils. Side dishes such as baked beans, potato salad or rice make the perfect compliments to the main dishes.


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