The love you and your future spouse share is the very basis for your wedding; it is what the whole affair is fashioned around. Your wedding offers you both a chance to share your love and dedication to one another with all of your family and friends. It is with this in mind that you must be prepared for wedding guest complaints and have a few strategies for heading them off at the pass.

1. Mind the Date

Yes, your wedding is a big deal and yes, all of your friends and family should be thrilled to be sharing the day with you. However, it’s a bad idea to schedule your wedding for a holiday or other day when a big event is taking place (think Super Bowl Sunday). One of the biggest wedding guest complaints is that the wedding is taking place on Christmas or New Year’s Eve or some other inopportune time. To avoid this, mind the date and think about how your guests will feel if you’re asking them to give up their traditions for your big day. Choose an inoffensive date or check with your guests to make sure you’re not disrupting their plans for holiday weddings.


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