We associate balloons with fun and happy, so why isn’t it obvious that this classic décor item can easily be incorporated into your wedding day? Whether you’re looking to up the fun factor or keep your event chic and classy, balloons can be used in a variety of ways on your wedding day. We have collected for you wedding balloon decorations ideas that used in everything from fun backdrops to ceremony aisle decor. Take a look at our gallery below and be inspired!

Photo 1-3: Stylish Wedding Reception Decorated With Air Balloons

Source: Boutique Balloons Melbourne, Diana Lupu Photography, Dekoracije Animacije Manja via Instagram

Photo 4-6: Wedding Balloon Decorations Ideas For Romantic Reception

Source: Lucy Davenport, Polly Alexandre Fine Photography, Sarah Gawler

Photo 7-9: Сheerful Rose And Yellow Balloons Decor For Wedding Celebration

Source: Up Balloon Boutique, Event Prep, Allie Lindsey Photography via Instagram

Photo 10-12: Stunning Balloon Arches For Wedding

Source: Bubblegum Balloons via Instagram, SundayRussiaDecor via Instagram, Diana Lupu Photography

Photo 13-15: Lovely Airy Balloon Aisle Ideas

Source: Diana Lupu Photography, Linda Chaja Photography, Yuli Tovich

Photo 16-18: Chic Halls Decorated With Balloons

Source: Fable & Paper via Instagram, Marianne Taylor, Bubblegum Balloons via Instagram

Photo 19-21: Cute Wedding Centerpieces With Air Balloon

Source: Shanell Bledsoe Photography, Christopher Nolan, Analisa Joy Photography

Photo 22-24: Fireplace Decorated With Amazing Balloons

Source: Brittany Gidley Photography, Kas Richards, SundayRussiaDecor via Instagram

Photo 25-27: Breathtaking Air Balloons Ideas

Source: Kas Richards Photography, SundayRussiaDecor via Instagram, Mr & Mrs Unique

Photo 28-30: Incredible Compositions Ideas With Balloons

Source: Birds of a Feather, GingerSnap Photography, Max &  Friends

Main photo: Kas Richards