Wedding day – is one of the main days in your life. In this day everything should be perfect. The right wedding decorations can create a magic air surroundings. But what decor you need? All what you should know about this part of preparation before gorgeous day you will find here. We can offer you various wedding decor ideas: diy, with candles, with paper, cheap and budget. With these helpful and useful tips you make a great celebration that no one will not forget. Make sure by your own and find here wedding decor infographics.

Infographic 1: 24 Original Ideas To Decorate Wedding With Candles

Infographic 2: Wedding Decor Checklist

Infographic 3: 15 Ways To Reuse Wedding Decorations

Infographic 4: Cheap Wedding Decor Ideas

Infographic 5: Hanging Wedding Decor Ideas

Infographic 6: 17 Ideas For Paper Wedding Decor

Infographic 7: Wedding Planning Decorations