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What Does A Wedding Planner Do? Main Duties


In this post, we will answer the question, “what does a wedding planner do?” This is because they are the very critical core of a perfect wedding event planning. They take care of everything, including the little things you never thought of.

A wedding event planner handles all the logistics associated with weddings. They vet the wedding vendors and stay in charge up to the wedding day. They lift the burden of confusion away from you, making your wedding planning a seamless one.

An event planner is not a wedding reception decorator, but they will bring your theme to life. They have their experience to pull it off. Wedding planners have the best management skills, one they got training for. They do so much, little wonder wedding planners cost isn’t for the faint-hearted.

This post will show you 15 wedding planner responsibilities so that you can hire better.

They Manage Wedding Finances

Wedding planners are fairy godmothers of weddings who save you from debt. They develop and preside over your budget. Also, they keep track of your budget so you don’t overstretch, miss deadlines or owe.


They Plan and schedule Your Vendor Meetings

A great wedding event planner anticipates your worries before you. So, they schedule all your wedding vendor meetings, so you can come with them face to face.


They Help in Creating the Perfect Wedding Designs

A wedding planner partakes in creating wedding designs to suit the wedding theme. This includes the wedding color palette maker and general aesthetics.


They Build Outstanding Websites

For an outstanding website, you can leave the job to your wedding event planner. They will re-brand and tweak it until it comes to par with trending and modern wedding websites.


Put the Perfect Finish to Your Fashion

When you come up with a wedding theme, your wedding planner handles the rest. They will ensure that you, your groom and party look stunning. Their guidance and expertise in fashion is one you can trust.

They are the Voice of Reason

The wedding planner is that voice of reason during your wedding event planning period. If there is a squabble about the budget or family disagreements, they step in to negotiate.


They Recruit the Best Vendors

Wedding planners or reckon have contacts in the wedding industry, making your life easier. From the venue to catering, décor and all, they’d get vendors. The best part is that you could get massive discounts.

They Save You From the Chaos

One of the wedding planner duties is to save you from chaos. Everyone wants to consult you for something and could stress you. Planners deflect these people and from you and solve the emergencies.


They are the PRO Organizers

When the pressure mounts, you’d forget a lot of things no matter how organized. A wedding planner has the skills to coordinate everything to perfection. They include a review of the vendor’s contract, download payments, wedding day timeline organization, etc.

They Update You on Wedding Etiquette

A wedding event planner has the experience of what gives at the moment. From wording invites to drawing seating charts and all.


They Send Out Wedding Invitations

This is one of the wedding planner responsibilities especially when every other person is busy. They’d send out your invites with ease and in a very professional manner.

They Track the RSVP

Guests can be hard to handle, especially with pressure mounting. You need them to get back to you so your vendors can plan on the accordance. Rest assured, your wedding event planner can handle that.


They Help Coordinate Those Special Moments

The planner makes sure everyone you love is present when you have all your special moments. From the first dance to the first kiss, cutting of the cake, etc.

They Handle Disruptive Guests

A disruptive guest is a nightmare for a couple getting married. The wedding planner’s duty is to get a drunk guest sober and removed from the spotlight. If it is a disagreement, the wedding planner steps in and solves it.


They Send You Off With Grand Exit Into a Beautiful Married Life

Your event wedding planner looks out for you to ensure that you are comfortable. They make sure your getaway car is ready. They also ensure all essentials and overnight bags get to your hotel safe.

With everything discussed above, we hope we answered the question, “what does a wedding planner do?” A wedding event planner is priceless and they don’t come cheap. This is because of the many things they do to make your day perfect. Now that you know their duties, go ahead and get one if your budget permits.