Inside Kate Wasserbach and Travis Moore’s Real Wedding: A True Love Story

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Kate Wasserbach

The owner and creative director of Abel Honor New York, Kate Wasserbach, has (like most other women) dreamed of her wedding since she was a little girl. As a celebrated designer, she has done and designed it all, from streetwear and couture to working with mega fashion brands such as Christian Dior, Ralph Lauren, and Michael Kors. However, she never designed a wedding dress until it came to her own.


In 2023, Kate married her business partner, high school sweetheart, and true love, Travis Moore, at a stunning ceremony held at a private manor in the countryside of Ireland. After starting Abel Honor in 2019, Kate took all she had learned and curated a creative, elegant, and individualistic dress for her perfect day that, up until that point, had only existed in her mind.

The ceremony was held at Ballyfin Demesne, a Relais en Chataeu, and the property hosted Kate and her guests for a magical four days. They were treated to top-shelf services and spent the days leading up to “I Do” with horseback riding on the 500 acres, archery, clay shooting, falconry, and more.

Her two wedding dresses, as well as the entire bridal party (women’s gowns and men’s tuxedos), were all custom Abel Honor New York.

For her main dress, Kate partnered with industry legend Geri Gerard and her team. Geri has designed for a plethora of celebrities, from Beyonce to Lebron James, and specializes in couture. She and Kate teamed up and worked on the design process from scratch – from muslin fittings to fabric sourcing, it was a surreal experience. Kate can speak to her magical love story and absolutely stunning celebration of her love, as well as the design process, from working with Geri and ensuring that her two dresses had everything she ever wanted, to also designing the entire bridal party’s wardrobe and seeing her vision come to life.

Get ready to peek behind the scenes of Kate Wasserbach and Travis Moore’s wedding journey! We’ll spill all the inspirational insights and share some insider tips to help you plan your own dream celebration.


Kate Wasserbach and Travis Moore Real Wedding Story

Can you share a brief overview of how you and your partner met and fell in love?

KWM: Travis and I met in high school through a mutual friend. He was such a stud! Anyone who knows him knows he is easy to love, so I fell hard and fast! We just celebrated our 15 years of dating!


How did the proposal unfold? Were there any surprises along the way?

KWM: It was a complete surprise – and totally me! It was just the two of us in our new home, in my favorite room of our house on December 16th.

Every year we have a holiday date night around Christmas time. Travis is one to always one to roll out the red carpet for things – so there were no signs of something out of the norm. I was upstairs getting ready for our holiday outing, and I came downstairs to the fire going, an assortment of canapes, a game of bat gammon ready, and a DIY French martini bar prepared as a little pregame before we hit the town. Again, nothing out of the normal for him to do for such a special date night. He knew I would dress up for this night as we have done so many times in the past.

After I finished getting ready, I came downstairs to this nice set up; he told me I looked beautiful, and that we have a little time until our reservations so I should make a martini and meet him fireside for some bat gammon. To preface, leading up to this day, Travis has given me a rose every morning since we moved into our home – just one long stem… my favorite. It is something so very sweet of him, but I must say – not surprising! So when I was making my martini, he said “Oh, I forgot to give you your rose this morning!”, I turned around and he was on his knee with the most beautiful ring and rose in hand asking me to marry him. It was perfect, he was perfect. It was private, raw, and romantic – just how I would have wanted it.

We took it in – just the two of us, before we made our calls. After we did, Travis knew I would want to see my parents and family. So, to my surprise – and at my leisure- he said we have a driver outside ready to take us to your brother’s house where your family is waiting for you. It was perfect. I walked outside to the coolest vintage Rolls Royce car with a driver who had popped champagne in hand. It was out of a movie. The driver and the Rolls were ours for the night, and we can take him wherever we wanted. But first stop was my brother’s house. We celebrated with my family and I told the proposal story all before hitting the town for a romantic dinner followed by some budlights and karaoke at a dive with my closest people. It was the best day of my life. He nailed it!


What was the most challenging aspect of planning your wedding, and how did you overcome it?

KWM: The most challenging obstacle was planning a wedding remotely since our celebration was set in the lush landscapes of Ireland. To bridge the miles, we entrusted Michele, an Irish wedding planner of extraordinary talent. With her at the helm, our wedding dreams were above and beyond what we could have expected.

Why did you choose the specific venue for your wedding ceremony and reception?

KWM: It has been a dream of mine to get married at the Ballyfin since I was young… well, since I saw Kim and Kanye have their private honeymoon there. So, since I was 21! Finally, at 30 – that dream became a reality. Plus, not only is the Ireland countryside one of the most beautiful places, but we both have Irish heritage, so it was special. I love how the Irish do things, and I love their take on life and love.


Can you describe the process of finding your wedding dress and the groom’s attire?

KWM: I had made my own wedding gown under my brand, Abel Honor New York, working hand-in-glove with the acclaimed atelier Geri Gerard. Together, we crafted the most stunning custom gown. It has been not only the highlight of my life, but the highlight of my career. From sketch to the aisle, it was such a proud moment for me. I also made my reception dress – which was a vehicle for me to add some flare and something completely different than my gown. My gown was of true royalty, with an 11 foot train!

For the groomsmen and Trav – they were also in custom Abel Honor tuxedos made in Bari, Italy. My mom and maid of honor also had two custom AHNY dresses – one for the ceremony, and one for the reception. In total, we brought to life ten custom Abel Honor ensembles, each telling its own story. This venture not only celebrated our nuptial moment but also marked the exciting expansion of our brand into the realm of custom bridalwear. I couldn’t be more excited for this!

Were there any unique elements or personal touches incorporated into your wedding ceremony?

KWM: We had a Celtic monk host our ceremony, and we kept the service very traditional to the Irish blessing of marriage. We had bagpipes, we tied a Celtic knot
(handfasting ceremony) in honor of union, we had our best friends from the bride’s side and the groom’s side write and speak on behalf of the bride/groom as a traditional way to introduce each other to their new families. There were so many special and spiritual touches that occurred throughout the nuptial service. It was also live streamed for those who could not make it!


What were some of the most memorable moments from your wedding day?

KWM: From the guests all in black tie, to the horse and carriage rides, to the speeches, to our Elvis impersonator – it was all so very special.

How important was photography and videography to you, and what do these memories mean to you?

KWM: As a creative, capturing emotion is everything to me! So, photo and video were at the top of the list. We had cinematic photographers and videographers. I didn’t want the ‘cliché’ smile and pose imagery – that is why I chose cinematic storytellers.

Our photographers were from the States, one was digital – the other on film! Both gave such a different element and so worth it seeing the day through two separate lenses of the talents. Our videographer was from Ireland, so he knew the landscape and venue. They all captured the day so perfectly – more than we could have ever dreamed!


Looking back, what advice would you give to other couples planning their weddings?

KWM: Get a wedding planner! It is worth every penny.

I understand how the price of a wedding is a tough pill to swallow, and hiring a wedding planner seems like a luxury and not a place where you want to budget. But It truly makes the whole process, and day of so enjoyable. Plus, it allows room for creativity and execution! It was worth every penny.

What emotions did you experience on your wedding day, and how has it impacted your relationship since then?

KWM: I didn’t think I could love Travis more than I did until that day. We have been steadfast for so many years – and I truly didn’t think a ring would change much. But it did. We are now one. The road ahead is ours, and no longer mine. He is my partner – and now that we have a child together, she is the greatest product that came from that day. She represents the best of both of us, a beautiful legacy of our love. I would marry him over and over again