Real Wedding: Zeynab El Helw + Mohamad Kanso In Barcelona, Spain

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It could be easily called the wedding of the century. Zeynab El Helw and Mohamad Kanso tied the knot in Barcelona, Spain at the most spectacular location. Like a dream of two lovers finally united, this couple’s breathtaking wedding ceremony breathed truth into the phrase which claims that “true love is real”, because at every point in this wedding, it was. Just like a fairytale, a meant to be, a kismet or modern day Romeo and Juliet (without the terrible ending of course), Zeynab and Mohamad were born on the same day, the 24th of April 1985, and when they met two years before in July of 2015 in La Cantine du Fauboug when they realized they had identical travel plans, was the beginning of a lifelong journey. This sealed their fate; they were always meant to be. The day he proposed on one knee in the Amalfi Coast and she said yes, confirmed it. It was true love.


First Look Wedding Photos

Zeynab looked like every girl’s dream, and Mohamad couldn’t have been more handsome. The smile he wore throughout that day at the thought of his bride made him even more so. The first look at Zeynab was a moment frozen in time, a moment that captured the sheer joy and excitement of seeing his soon-to-be-wife in her wedding attire. The bride is a picture of peace, of serenity, and of happiness. It was easy to tell that this was, right there and then, the greatest moment of her life, and the first look became a cherished memory etched in the story of their love.

The green hills in the distance, the white tents and breathtaking grounds of the Castell de Sant Marçal of Barcelona in all its glory; the buildings of Romanesque and Gothic architecture, the picturesque moat with the walkway over it, and the gardens, made for a perfect backdrop in this real-life classic movie which was about to earn its debut.

Wedding Ceremony

Like a boxer with his entourage, Mohamad’s entrance was to the boxing movie soundtrack of Rocky Balboa, his friends with him, celebrating with him and leading him on with an MC announcing his entry. Minutes later the groom put aside his silk robe feeling triumphant as he should, as he patiently waited for his bride.

The music changed and became softer as Zeynab began to walk down the aisle. The carefully chosen wedding walk-down-the-aisle song set the tone for this emotional moment. It was a very passionate moment for every guest present, but even more so for the groom. He couldn’t stop smiling and yelling; she was so beautiful. When she got to him finally, he held her in a hug so tight, like he would never let her go. The combination of the music, the atmosphere, and the genuine emotions made the walk down the aisle an unforgettable and cherished part of their wedding day.


Wedding Photo Shoot For Bride And Groom

During the photo shoot the love of this couple for each other was transparent. Seemingly unaware of the vast beauty around them; the castle, and their wonderful guests; they only had eyes for one another. Picture after picture their love shone through. Such a beautiful event to be a part of could only happen once in a lifetime.

Everyone could see it, the photographs told a story, in the way he held her, kissed her hand, and spoke to her. Their dreams had come true and no one could deny their joy. Zeynab and Mohamad forever and ever. Even time would not tear them apart.

Decorations And A Party Time

The reception venue had it all. The signs to direct you and tell you their love story, the beautiful flowers and well-decorated seating, and not to forget the handy mixologist at the bar. There were creative wedding signs that guided guests and shared snippets of their love story. The seating was adorned with thoughtfully arranged flowers, creating an enchanting atmosphere. The bar featured a skilled mixologist, ensuring everyone had delightful drinks.

An outdoor piano with a talented pianist playing added a touch of elegance, and under the trees, there was beer to enjoy. An actual family tree, complete with pictures, stood as a unique and sentimental touch, and everyone looked spectacular. The wedding sign ideas truly contributed to the ambiance and personalized charm of the celebration.

All of the guests dressed to the nines, looking just as happy and gleeful as the couple and everyone was ready to party, ready to rumble and to celebrate the joining together of two souls, celebrate everlasting love and the happiness of Zeynab and Mohamad, Kanzozo2017.

Wedding Details:

Wedding Photography: Joseba Sandoval and Brightlightimage Photography

The Wedding Venue: Castel De Sant Marcal

The Size of the Wedding approx: 300 guests

The Wedding Planner: Paul Nasr

Bride and Groom’s Rings from Tiffany

Wedding Cake: Lolita Bakery

Bride’s  Hair: Richard El Boustany

Bride’s Makeup: Vianne Najeeb

Food station set up: Aspic catering

Zeynab’s Wedding Dress : Zuhair Murad

Zeynab’s Wedding  Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Kanso’s suit and shoes: Dior