Wedding Forward Chief’s Editor Real Wedding: Love and War

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My name is Svitlana. You know me as a Chief Editor of Wedding Forward. And I got married!


During the last 7 years and till now I’ve been reading amazing real wedding stories, working with the best wedding planners and world-known designers, and helping brides all over the world to make their wedding day perfect. I know about weddings even more, than GPT chat, as well! But, still, I had some issues with my wedding planning journey.

As any bride, I love my wedding day, but it doesn’t mean all was perfect. I have a few things that I regret not doing at my wedding and plenty of beautiful photos from my wedding day, that I want to share with you. All my friends say that our love story could be filmed and shown all over the world. Well, let’s start with the article on Wedding Forward!

Our Love Story

I am Ukrainian, my husband is American. His name is Victor Scott Miller. In 2022 he joined the medical battalion Hospitallers as a volunteer to help Ukrainian soldiers back home healthy and alive from war. I was in Kyiv (the capital of Ukraine) at that time. Firstly, we spoke online and then decided to move our conversation to the offline field. We met before Thanksgiving Day, and after this decided to be together as a couple.

Our love was extremely fast-growing, that’s why we hadn’t had a very long dating period. We got engaged after 2,5 months of dating. Did I expect to get the ring? Yes and no. My gut feeling told me that it would be soon, since felt each other as soulmates really fast. My heart was ready to accept an engagement ring.

It happened on the 5th of January. We agreed to see each other in a restaurant not far from my home. I was getting late, as usual, and was in a hurry. When I came there, I saw him with a bouquet of roses. He looked so handsome!

He gave me flowers and we took a seat. Then Victor took a ring box from his pocket and asked me: “Will you marry me?”. Of course, I accepted this ring and was crying from happiness after!


Wedding Planning Process

After our engagement, we started to work on our wedding planning immediately. We’ve been in Ukraine and planned to celebrate our wedding there. As the chief editor of a wedding website, I knew exactly what kind of wedding I wanted. My husband hadn’t any special wishes, so we concentrated on my wedding plan.

We stopped at a rustic wedding. For the celebration, we chose a restaurant in the forest. It is totally from wood inside the wood… Amazing!

We had a wedding theme but didn’t tie everything only on this. That is why you can find some pieces of other wedding themes in our decor and attire.


Best Wedding Moment

If you ask me, what was the most breathtaking moment at our wedding, I would say about two moments. First was my walk to the aisle, when I saw my handsome husband and all our amazing guests. They were so beautiful and happy. Even the atmosphere around was full of love and totally gorgeous.

The second moment was the ring exchange when we also pronounced our wedding vows. That was so sensual and romantic! I will never forget the feelings that I had at that moment…


5 Things I Regret Not Doing At My Wedding

I promised to share with you my regrets. Here they are. If I could go back in time, I definitely would change it!

Wedding dress – buy it!

I wanted a white wedding dress with sleeves. It supposed to be long and sparkling. But I have seen so many beautiful wedding dresses that it was very difficult to choose one… That is why I decided to create my own wedding dress, and it was a big mistake! Because dressmaker decided to give me a heart attack! She delayed her work all the time, so I took my wedding dress only the day before my wedding! It gave me so much stress… At the end I loved my wedding dress. But, still, in my version it supposed to have little bit different design, I just had not time to change it.

Never pay all the money to the photographer before getting all the photos

I wrote so many articles about how important is to have a contract with your wedding vendors. But in Ukraine almost none do that! We agreed I will get our wedding photos one month after wedding. Well… I’ve been waiting for 3 month. So, don’t make my mistakes, sign a contract no matter what!


You should take a wedding videographer

I had never thought about that before my wedding. But now I regret that we don’t have our wedding movie. Short Instagram Reels, which our guests did, can’t replace a full wedding movie.

Honeymoon sadness

We didn’t have the opportunity to go on our honeymoon after the wedding. And that is probably my biggest regret. If you can have your honeymoon after your wedding day, just do it!

Enjoy your wedding planning process

I didn’t do that. We had so many things to do, connected bureaucratic moments, war, and all together, that wedding planning became a routine. At that time it felt like my second job, and only now I realized how amazing it was!

I hope you like my real wedding story, and it was helpful for you!

My husband is not part of the medical battalion Hospitallers anymore. But our best man Mykyta is still serving there and saving lives for Ukrainian people and also pets. If you want to support Ukraine or Ukrainians in this war, here is the information on how you can do that – Hospitallers website.

Thanks for reading my article!