Never Say THIS To Your Wedding Florist


While being honest with wedding florists about what you want is essential, you’ve got to take into account that they’ve seen their fair share of bridezillas. Wedding florists would much prefer to deal with someone who is level-headed and knows what they want without trying to beat anyone over the head with it. With that in mind, here are some things that should never come out of your mouth when you’re looking for a florist.

1. “I Really Like These, but My Budget is too Small.”

This is akin to telling a realtor that you really like that mansion, but can only afford a shed. Wedding florists aren’t there to get you everything you want, unless you can pay for it. Stick to telling prospective wedding florists what your budget is and go from there.


2. “Well, My Dress Is Kind Of Cream, Maybe A Bit More On The Eggshell Side, With A Hint Of Ivory.”

When it comes to wedding flowers, there are exactly two shades wedding florists are interested in. Those colors are white, or cream. There aren’t any in-between colors in the floral world.


3. “I Want This – For $500”

Showing wedding florists pictures of weddings with insanely huge amounts of flowers and expecting them to be able to pull it off for a tiny budget is just setting yourself up for disappointment. Wedding flowers aren’t cheap, and wedding florists, like everyone else, are just trying to make a living. They can’t pull rabbits out of hats, either.


4. “These Flowers Are So Pretty, But Can We Get Them Without The Smell?”

Okay, there’s really only one way to say this: no. Whatever flowers you pick out, unless they’re silk, will have their natural scent. There’s nothing that wedding florists can do about that.


5. “Will These Hold Up For Taking Pictures Outside?”

If you’re planning on having your wedding in a very warm or very cool climate, and you want outdoor pictures with your bouquet, you’d better plan for that. If you ask and wedding florists tell you they won’t last for that sort of thing, listen to them! Wedding florists know more about flowers, so take their advice when it comes to questions like this.

6. “I Want Kate’s Bouquet; Can You Make It For Me On My Tiny Budget?”

This should be obvious, but no. Wedding florists are trained to work with flowers. They don’t know how to do magic tricks. You might want to set your sights a little lower than something carried by the Duchess of Cambridge.


7. “I Know My Wedding Is In An Hour, But Can You Change My Flowers?”

Wedding florists need time to make big changes to your order. If you’re calling the day of and want to add some color, take out some flowers and rearrange everything, it’s probably not going to happen, not even if you pay extra.

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