Pros & Cons Of An Open Bar At The Wedding Reception


Yes, it’s going to be your wedding day a few days down the line, but are you done with the planning yet? What about drinks though? Do you plan to serve them in lieu of cash or would you rather have your guests make a beeline for the open bar? “To have or not to have” an open bar is a question that can worry you a good deal. To help you make a responsible decision, try listing the pros and cons of having an open bar at the wedding reception and you might just get the answer. Here are a few points to help you out.


Come on, you know your friends. They will be looking forward to an open bar at your wedding reception and you just don’t want to let them down. You need to meet their expectations and allow them to have a rip roaring time at your wedding. How else will your reception be the most talked about event of the month?


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