12 Ways How To Prevent Breakout Before The Wedding

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If your wedding is coming up anytime soon, you must be thinking of how to prevent a breakout. Prevent, we say, because once they are out, how to reduce breakouts becomes a problem. This is because wedding stress leaves almost every bride vulnerable to breakouts amongst many other things. And once this happens, there is no hope of clearing them out before the wedding.


In some people, the aftermath of acne leave scars, hence, you must learn how to prevent acne. Most brides go into a panic attack about their faces, once wedding preparation starts in full effect. Check the internet, and you’d see questions like “how to control breakouts”, and all.

Not to worry, because if you’re here, we’ll show you a few useful ways to prevent acne. From letting your face breathe to moisturizing, not exfoliating and more. Let’s show you how to avoid acne in preparation for the wedding.

Guard Afainst The Sun

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This is one of the sure ways to prevent acne. As much as the sun gives vitamin D to the body, excessive exposure is bad for the face. Invest in good SPF which agrees with your skin. Also, buy dark shades and protective clothing to shield your eyes, body, and face against direct contact with the sun.


Scrap The Dairy And Junk

Due to wedding stress, some cravings show up. But if you’re thinking of how to prevent breakout, never indulge dairy and junk cravings. They will leave you with excess secretion of oils on the face. This causes greasy face, clogged pores and then acne.


Keep Your Sheets And Towels Clean

The sheets and towels are two things that come in contact with our body every day. They get damp from either water or sweat. And this forms a breeding ground for bacteria. If you come in contact with those again, it forms a cycle which could cause a breakout. So keep them clean.


Moisturize Your Face

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This is one of the best ways to prevent acne. Hydration removes toxins from the body, but direct moisturizing of the face keeps it supple. This prevents it from getting oily or scaly, causing breakouts.


Your Hair Care Could Be The Culprit

Things we use on our hair has a way of getting to the face. And this could cause a breakout. So, here’s how to avoid getting acne. First, keep your hair on your head, and don’t spread them around the face. Avoid items like gels, Sulphur, oils, and fragrances from hair treatment get to the face. They have a way of reaching for your pores and clogging them.

  • Keep Your Hands To Yourself

If you have the habit of touching your face or popping zits, stop! The fingernails contain so much bacteria and touching the face spreads them. These bacteria will go clog your pores. If you have a zip, don’t pop it, conceal instead. Popping will leave bumps and scarring. This is how to control breakouts.


Try Out Your Wedding Makeup Early

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This is of the top tips on how to prevent pimples. Book make up trial session on-time, so as to know what agrees with your skin. Bad products use on your wedding day can cause reactions and breakouts within minutes. To avoid that, go for an early trial, and get enough time to heal, should reactions occur.

Do Not Exfoliate

This is one of the most effective pimples tips, and I’m sure you find it weird. Well, exfoliating is great and you should have it while preparing for the wedding. It helps to clear out the skin. But, you must stop a week or two to your wedding. This is because any more of that will leave your skin irritated, red or even blistered. Only moisturize and use mild cleansers.


Keep Your Face Clean

Amongst ways to control breakouts is this hygienic habit. We can’t say it enough. Always keep your face clean whether you’re preparing for a wedding or not. Lots of make-up products build bacteria which proliferate on the skin through the day. Never go to bed without thoroughly washing them out. Leaving them on gives a free field for them to clog up your pores, causing breakouts

Go All Natural

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Your wedding is only a few weeks away, and you’re thinking of how to avoid getting acne? A simple secret… Go bare! This is the time to flaunt your natural face and let your skin breath from the make-up. This tip doesn’t cost a thing.


Keep Makeup Light

If you must wear make-up at all, stick to the bare essentials, such as lip gloss. The heavy stuff will leave your face with oils, blackheads, and acne.

Make Sure To Hydrate And Exercising

Hydration and exercising are ways to prevent acne and also stay healthy. Hydration is detoxification and moisturizing process. It clears out the toxins in your system and leaves your skin supple. Drink enough water.
Exercise lets you sweat off toxins pre-clogging the skin pores. More so, you need to stay in shape.

In this post, you’ve learned how to prevent breakout before the wedding. Some of our tips are out of the box, but do they work? Absolutely! Better to prevent acne than looking for how to control breakouts. A smooth face helps make up sit well, and is a great confidence booster. So, avoid breakouts by following our tips.